Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Revealed

Article by Devin Connors.

BioWare and LucasArts finally announced their new Star Wars MMO, titled the Old Republic, after years of rumors and speculation. Can Star Wars: The Old Republic succeed where Star Wars Galaxies failed?
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  1. tmeacham said:
    Article by Devin Connors.

    Can Star Wars: The Old Republic succeed where Star Wars Galaxies failed?

    Who knows, I wish that they would giveup and just make a proper sequel ie. KOTOR 3, not just another MMO cash cow type thing. ;)
  2. I completely agree. I'm disappointed by this MMO crap. It would be all fine and good if they were still planning a sequel to KOTOR, but from what I read, it seems like this is their replacement for the franchise, and that's just a horrible idea. And their rationale behind it just pisses me off because it doesn't make sense and it's all BS and the real reason is because they want a piece of the WoW pie. And so I hope this project completely fails and bites them in the ass and it turns into a money pit.
  3. Tough crowd here, though I can related to the sentiment -- I wanted BioWare to come back with a regular ole RPG for KOTOR 3.

    That said, I had no temptation to play any kind of MMO until this announcement. A Star Wars MMO in the vein of KOTOR, made by BioWare, is about the only thing that can get me interested in paying a monthly fee to run around raiding, looting and leveling up.
  4. I liked KOTOR but I don't see a future for an RPG that not an MMO. Assuming they made KOTOR many gamers would be finished in 40-80 hours. Many are like me in that once done that's it. With a MMO that's a non-issue with the added bonus of meeting real people online from all over the world. As a business model it's even more of a no brainier.

    At one time I hated MMO now I find them to be very rewarding. What does concern me Mythic influence. I've tried it WAR and it didn't appeal to me in the slightest. More importantly it's future is far from certain as the success of a MMO is measured over time. The quarterly numbers are far more important than a successful launch just look at AoC. Understanding the psychology of why people play successful MMO's is key to their success. WoW is successful because they got it right. The right hardware requirements and the right carrot on stick to keep you going.

    Done correctly this could be worthy competitor to WoW far more so than anything else going.
  5. I wouldn't mind an MMO if it didn't mean no single player games. MMOs just take all of the best elements of RPGs and make them generic.
  6. I kind of know what you mean. For me for the human interaction is worth it. I also roll PvE so I do a lot of solo play until I find the right guildies. The other part is that current pricing is about $0.50 a day. It's already paid for lodging for a vacation in Germany and canada through connection from members of guilds.

    I really do believe that the single play RPG era is coming to an end though. I also believe that isn't a bad thing and we still have lots of possibilities that in that new arena.
  7. Wow seriously guys you must know very little about MMO's this is a very good thing for the KOTOR series for many reasons. MMOs aren't limited to a narrow storyline like most RPGs out there are, and even though you aren't the #1 hero kicking everything you see in the junk you will get more play time in an MMO than any other type of RPG out there.
    MMOs provide you with GBs more lore to follow a larger world, harder encounters and real people to play it all with. All of you haters either have no skill to actually operate in an MMO enviornment or are fooling yourselves with the excuse of "I have a life" which still isn't a reason to hate MMOs even if you did have a life. About paying $15 a month thats a retarded reason to think its not worth it because with the amount of hours spent playing these games over the years it comes down to you paying 1/10 if not less what you would pay to stay entertained by purchasing SPRPGs (single player RPGs) as you complete 1 in 60 hours you spend another $40-$60 per game thats an easy $60 a month on average and you still don't get the play value of an MMO.

    I say go go bioware give everyone a reason to quit WoW. KOTOR lore is by far more interesting to follow, and with Lucas behind them we can confidently trust years of additional content will be provided without even crossing over already used storyline.
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