New Hope for the Halo Movie?

Article by David Konow

The dreams of Peter Jackson's Halo movie appear dead, but hit screenwriter and Halo fan Stuart Beattie is on a mission to resurrect the project with a new story based on "Fall of Reach." Beattie talks with Tom's Games about his Hail Mary pass for Halo.
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  1. Very nice! I loved those movies. Sounds like he knows what he's doing.
    He's listed there (spec script).

    He also did the screenplay for Without Remorse (I love Tom Clancy probably as much he loves Halo, Collateral and Pirates were awesome movies.) Which is suppost to come out sometime this or next year.

    PS Am I the only one here that diggs articles?
  2. Eh, video game movies suck, and Halo has been overhyped to the point where I'm completely sick of it now. And I'm not sure this guy could take the story in a meaningful direction. I'm sure the elements for a great story are there. Look at and they've basically done all of the work already. Judging from the horrible prototype trailer or whatever that was that they did, it's best to just let the movie idea die. Because honestly, it will just turn out to be a cheap Aliens rip-off.
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