Far Cry2 error... whit flahes

Please Help... Bought FC2 yesterday came home and installed on D Core 2.7, Vista (32Bit), 4GB RAM, nVida 9800 GTX+ (latest driver) resolution 1680*1050 and I am getting white dots flashing on the screen. Annoying as H3LL, tried setting all options much lower than reccomended and still same $hit. Any ideas? Video Card works great in Crysis and Crysis Warhead.
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  1. Do the white dots come after a period of time and then do not go away?

    If so then it sounds like GPU RAM is running too hot, check your internal temps, Speedfan (google it) should help you control the problem.
  2. yea, sounds like artifacting due to overheating

    download EVGA Precision 1.3.2, unlink shader/core clocks and change a clock speed, test the game, validate which clock speed of the three is causing the problem.
  3. Thanks, I will try that. The dots appear as soon as I launch the app.
  4. I am still getting dots... Low temps 55deg C.. fan speed at 60
  5. Heya,

    You said `latest' driver, but what is the compilation number? I read a few people having this issue and they were using drivers that were "latest" but were not actually the 178.24's. I'd start there.

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