A Crysis MOD / Map that would blow us all away.

I tried to get into modding a map for Crysis and man, that is a lot of work. It is hard and time consuming. So I want to just throw this out there to see if anyone wants the idea or if it has already been done. Please let me know either way so I can play it, lol.

I wanted to make a map laid out just like the ride Pirates of The Caribbean at Disneyland. Think about it. You start out in the dark swamps with fire flys everywhere and then you sneak up on a town filled with Pirate KPA. You also have to go into the prison to rescue one of your POWs. Then you reach the area where a civil war is going on between KPA's and soldiers. There could be the battle ships shooting back and forth like they do if you get too far out in the waters in the first level of Crysis. It would be cool to keep the feelings of night, swamp, wet, muggy, and almost cozy in the beginning. This is very possible and as some of those maps I have seen, wouldn't be that hard, I just have no idea where and how to start. For a more experienced map creator, he could do this with his eyes closed in one night.

Let me know if anyone knows of a map like this or is willing to take on the job. I would love to help in any way I can.
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  1. Well i think it would be pretty cool, but it would take a TON of work... its not a simple mod, you first have to have a mod for swords and stuff which in and of itself is pretty complicated.

    You then have to model several different characters (Pirates... the skeletons and the soldiers and the main characters)

    Apart from that... its still gonna be really hard, hate to break it to you. But the mapping process is a very long process... especially if you want to do a very good job. You'll want the atmosphere and all the textures. You'll also want certain lighting affects and what not to really make it stand out from ordinary mods. It would take a TON of time, and although very cool, would probably be more work than one person could handle. And at that point.. the amount of work it would require may warrant a team of individuals... and at that point you may just recreate the whole PoC story line... Modders tried to do that with jurassic park... except it became to big and now are going to make a game... an actual game out of it
  2. fine shatter my dreams. Just kidding. Yeah I hear ya. I tried to just make a simple forest and couldn't even figure out how to do that.
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