i need a bit of info regarding how well my pc can run crysis.

okay so im sitting at:

AMD athlon(tm) 64 x2 dual core processor 4200+ 2.2 GHz

2 GB of ram

32 bit operation system.

now i know for darn sure that i will need a video card upgrade so i discarded posting my current card, as it is rubbish. and i may get a ram upgradif needed.

now which card should i get? (pci-e) my budget is not a HUGE worry but anything over 300 is a bit steep. im basically looking for the maximum results i can get outta this PC. i would like to play on high or so for crysis if possible.

you think you can help me out guys? point me in the right direction so to speak?

any help is needed, thanks in advance
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  1. 300 what $ or £ or something else? I have 2gb ram also with an x2 4800 (@4.5ghz) with a ati 4850 graphics card (around £120/$190 in the uk) which plays crysis warhead nicely at 1280x1024 in dx9 (with high/very high settings).

    A monster gfx card (nvidia 280 or ati 4870x2 for example) will be held back a lot by your cpu on Crysis though
  2. I'd get an HD4870 if i were you, then think about upgrading that CPU of yours. It's getting a little long in the tooth although it's still adequete.
  3. so what exactly would i need to upgrade in terms of my cpu, and what card should i grab?? ill need a new power supply but thats no problem
  4. would it be good if i purchased this card?

  5. anyone?
  6. Yeah, that's a nice card. It has hdcp too which is a plus
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