What Game has You Excited?

If you could tell us why you are excited about this game, certain websites, etc. Also if you could put a portion in the format below just to help me out a bit I wouldn't mind.

Going to provide all the games in an easy to look at and get info on this post. Games that are released will be removed and Games that appear on this list will be added. I'll also put in a just Released Section. When a game comes out come back and state if it did or didn't meet your expectaions. Also your general feelings on the game.

There is a The Games that Had Us Excited. When a game comes out it will be moved to this section. There will be a Met Expectation Percentage which will be based on user comments on if the Game Did or Didn't Meet Expectations. 50% Rating would be that half the people who gave a rating stated the game met expectations. 0% would be nobody thought the Game met expectations and we all know what a 100% means.

Added a Vaporware Warning. These Games may of been cancelled but haven't had the official "Dead" tag placed. No recent news. I'll place a date and come back to the game in 6 months to see if there is any recent news. If no current news the title will be considered Vaporware and removed.

Games That Have Us Excited

Demigod: Developed by Gas Powered Games.
Copy Protection: None
Release Date Feb 2009

Alan Wake: Developed by Remedy Entertainment
Action RPG
Copy Protection: Unknown
Release Date: Unknown

Cryostasis: Developed by Action Forms ltd
Action RPG FPS
Copy Protection: Unknown
Release Date: November or December 2008

Dues Ex 3: Developed by Eidos Montreal
Copy Protection: Unknown
Release Date:Unknown

Warhammer Dawn of War 2: Developed by Relic
Copy Protection: Unknown
Release Date:

Left 4 Dead: Developed by Valve
Multiplayer Action
Copy Protection: Unknown
Release Date: November 18

Thief 4: Developed by Eidos Montreal
Everything at this point is Rumor and Specualtion.
Nothing confirmed.

Project Offset: Intel (Was Offset Software before being bought)
VaporWare Warning 11/6/08

Starcraft 2: Developed by Blizzard
Release Date: Unknown

Diablo 3: Developed by Blizzard
Release Date Unknown

The Games that Had Us Excited

Expectation Met Percentage: 90%

Fallout 3
Expectation Met Percentage: 75%

Farcry 2
Expectation Met Percentage: 45%

Red Alert 3
Expectation Met Percentage:

The Games that Kicked Our Ass
These are the games that not only met our expectations but went above and beyond what we could of expected. Older PC Games will also begin to be listed.

Deadspace: EMP 90%
Take on the roll of space engineer Issac Clarke as he struggles to fend off a mutagenic alien infestation that turns dead bodies into living monsters.
Rating: Not suitable for Children. Intense Graphic Scenes involving violence and dismemberment
Category: RPG 3rd Person Sci-Fi Horror
Things to Note: Deadspace Downfall Movie and Comic Series available.
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  1. Warhammer 2. The gameplay from the first one is very good, and the second one's in-game graphics is really in a different league compared to Starcraft 2, Demigod, or anything else in the near future.
  2. It used to be Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3, but I've since given up hope of either of them ever coming out during my lifetime (and I'm 21). Instead, I'm stoked about Fallout 3...and that's just in 3 days!
  3. Dagger beat me to the reply - Warhammer 2 looks good to me graphically, as well, but it doesn't have base-building and that's what I love about RTS's. Also, it's kind of difficult to compare these new realistic-looking games to Blizzard games like SC2 simply because Blizzard doesn't really go for all the flashy, tech stuff - they're all about the art direction, which lately I've grown really fond of.
  4. Fallout 3... it is sitting on my Steam account taunting me, but at least when noon hits on the 28th it will be mine, no cues no waiting in a crowed store... just me, my download speed and the game I have been waiting years for.
  5. Hmm Diablo 3 is ON it's way, so I am sure you will get to see it Soon(TM)

    I must say that Far Cry 2 looks interesting, but I will judge that when I see it myself, it's already out but I am in the middle of moving so I will have to wait a little before I get my desktop setup and I doubt my laptop can run it.

    Fallout 3 looked interested but I don't think it is my kind of game, so I will stick with Diablo 3 and Far Cry 2 :) (can we hope for an even better Far Cry 3? or what...) I hope Far Cry 2 has a good editor so I can make some of my own levels and not only for multiplayer but singleplayer missions and such, but heard rumours that the editor is for multiplayer only... anyone know?
  6. I'm pretty pumped for Dragon Age: Origins and Empire Total War for early 2009. No two ways about it, CA and Bioware are two of my favourite developers.

    As far as titles coming out sooner.. Fallout 3. Maybe Mirror's Edge and the new Prince of Persia, although I think I'll be renting those two for my 360, unlike everything else which I'll be getting for PC.
  7. For this holiday season? Pretty easy..

    1.) Left 4 Dead (Shooter)
    2.) Fallout 3 (RPG Shooter)
    3.) The Last Remnant (RPG)
  8. Godiwa, Diablo 3 will be another 2 years at least. Blizzard will release SC2 before it, although I'm not sure how many of the trilogy will come out before D3. If you want, try looking up info from the latest BlizzCon - they're not even through the first act.
  9. Honestly. COD:WaW. Thats just me.
  10. SnareSpectre :) I have seen how far they are, what takes ages is pretty much getting the classes together and everything to work, and they have 3 of 5 classes done (fine tuning still needed). Making content and such is not what takes ages.

    SC2 and D3 is not the same dev team, so they could release the same day if they wanted. Not that they will though.

    One thing I learned with Blizzard which others could learn from, that is they release when they are READY, especially SOE could learn from that.
  11. Not Far Cry 2 I can say that much since its out. :P

    For me its all about Left 4 Dead. Advanced AI and 20 levels of massive zombies? Count me in.

    Then after that its HL2 EP3. Nothing else in between will quench my lust for finishing the HL2 story arc like HL2 EP3 will.
  12. Operation Flashpoint 2 just looks amazing and hopefully will play just as good.

    Deus Ex 3 will be another game which I hope will do brill and better justice than the 2nd installement.

    And Battle Of Britian: Storm Of War. This is the next game of Oleg Maddox on the PC. He made the quaity game IL2 which set a new level of graphical quality that some people didn't believe was possible at the time and gamepay was quality. So hopefully the next installement will do the same thing.

    Gonna wait till the games come out and then buy a new PC rig for them. Hopefully with all theesee games in DX11 graphics.
  13. Fallout 3.
  14. Deus Ex 3. Seriously, the trailer had me screaming with joy.
    I've played DE-1 several times but can't get DE-2 to play on this system at all.
    Other than that, I've no idea what else to expect.
  15. Whoa... they're making Deus Ex 3. Awesome. I need to check this out.... everyone hope it's more like the first than the second.
  16. Quote:
    Not long till left4dead comes out. Will be interesting if it lives up to expectations. The random spawning and amount of zombies due to the players own behaviour should give it variety but then again, tons of people play CS:S and that is the same everytime so it shouldn't be a problem if it were predictable.

    But thats the thing. The Director AI is supposed to change it. I think one thing that willbe the same are the Witches since they are preset. But the special Infected are controlled by the player (unless its the Tank and they haven't seen the Survivors in a while and the AI takes over) giving it a different feel. From what I have seen it looks to be a challenge and great fun. It doesn't look anything like CS:S and I hope the jerks from CS:S stay there.

    Did you know that CS has about 18K servers running? Thats insane.
  17. cryostasis---------look it up on ign link here---

    it is looking amazing. ign called it a bioshock killer if im not mistaken.

    also left 4 dead and fallout 3
  18. ^I expect to see Mr. Freeze there then. lol

    looks interesting. But a Bioshock killler? Maybe maybe not. We shall see. Remember Crysis was supposed to be the end all of all games. It failed that miserably.
  19. true that. it uses some pretty cool physics to melt ice in real time and evoporate the water and stuff like that theres a video here this christmas looks to be good for gamers :)
  20. jonj320 said:
    true that. it uses some pretty cool physics to melt ice in real time and evoporate the water and stuff like that theres a video here this christmas looks to be good for gamers :)

    Alan Wake looks good...

    The new ID game looks good too..
  21. WotLK /duck
  22. Went ahead and changed a few things above. I plan on adding more to the list each day till it's completed so if you don't see it on here today it will be on here. I'm also going to do a Recently Released Section of the Games that had Us Excited.

    My Game is right now Demigod for a number of reasons. I'm pretty big into RTS games, the story line is different, and I have always loved mythology.

    Demigod: Developed by Gas Powered Games.
    Copy Protection: None
    Release Date Feb 2009
  23. Thief 4

    Elite 4 (work starts on this next year according to David Barban!)

    HL2 Ep3

    Alan Wake

    Had my eyes on this for 2 years now, will be amazing if released.
  25. I've been greatly puzzled since the first announcement two years ago by the combination of the word "Aliens" with the words "RPG" and "Obsidian Entertainment" in the same sentence. Obsidian started with D&D RPGs like Icewind Dale and now this is what they are promising at their website: "Instilled with the action of Aliens and the terror of Alien, Obsidian's next original RPG takes players to the heart of science fiction horror."

    I am also keeping an eye on Project Offset, Darkfall, Jumpgate Evolution, Face of Mankind, Navy Field 2.
  26. Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, Half-Life 2: Episode 3, Rage, Doom 4, Gears of War 2, Killzone 2, Resident Evil 5, Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, and Gran Turismo 5.
  27. Added a bit more to this thread and will be adding a lot more the rest of this week. I don't work so I have time and I do plan on keeping it current.
    I would like to know if I'm missing anything that you feel needs to be added. Remember I want this to be a quick look with near instant feedback but also if somebody wants to delve a bit deeper into a Game they can.

    Down the road I'm going to put in a third and forth part.

    The Third Part I plan on calling it The Games That Met Expectations and Kicked Ass Doing It. This will be for the Games that get around 90% Met Expectations Rating. Basically a Best of the Best.

    The forth part I'm still trying to figure a name for so help me out some. Need ideas here. In a nutshell it's exactly the opposite of the Third. These Games didn't meet anyones expectations. These will be the Games you "wouldn't even let your dog use the box as a chew toy" kind of bad here. On this it will delve a little on what made this game stand out in the "clear the movie theater" type of way.

    Quick, precise, but if something catches your eye you will be able to delve deeper into it.
  28. See, we don't know if Fallout 3 met expectations, because, well... everyone that has it hasn't stopped playing it.
  29. Ive read one bad and countless good comments on Fallout 3.
    The one bad comment was because the dude rushed the content and then complained the game was too short >.<

    Yet to play through it, though it is sitting at home and cousin Dan says it rocks the socks.
  30. Fallout 3 basically met my expectations. Still playing the game, but waiting for extra content.
  31. jaguarskx said:
    Fallout 3 basically met my expectations. Still playing the game, but waiting for extra content.

    Same here. Many fans of original Fallout/Fallout 2 hated it because there were lots of changes. But I thought those are actually good. :p
  32. There can be only one Highlander!...and Left4Dead is it!

    This game has me so jacked up that I may actually buy it!
  33. Did Deadspace meet expectations?
    Next: Left 4 Dead
  34. I was expecting crap from Dead Space and I actually got a very enjoyable game, so hell yeah!

    Left 4 Dead... I was kind of scared because I was so excited that I hyped this title to the moon and back, now after playing the demo I have to say... IT DELIVERED. Left 4 Dead is my GOTY 2008, just needs a few quick valve bandaids in the upcoming days to take care of server browsing issues.
  35. Heya,

    Dead Space surpased my expectations.

    Best audio in gaming ever. Great visuals. Great overall game. Replayable (beating the game, unlocks new goodies for the next round AND additional story content and gear).

    Very best,
  36. Not including links because these have all been mentioned
    Dragon Age
    Allen Wake

    This last is technically a Crysis mod but...
    MechWarrior: Living Legends

    Thief 4?!? When, I've heard of this only once or twice but it was always disregarded on the forums as vapor. I still break out one and two on occasion, one of the few FPS' that really sucks me in. The graphics were dated even back when it was released but the story and audio are terrific.
  37. GTA4, Left for Dead, Farcry 2. No time to play though. :(
  38. I'll be updating everything to current tomorrow. I've been playing catch up on PC Gaming titles and there have been some good ones. I'll prob pick up Red Alert 2, Fallout 3, Dead Space, and Left 4 Dead this Wednesday. In December pick up Far Cry 2 and some of the older ones.
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