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I am thinking about switching my main system to P4 near future.
And now I would like to have some opinions about the most stable P4 system, (especially which motherboard).

So if you are P4 user and your system is very stable, please post specifications of your hardware, and some comments about any effort (challenge) to make it stable.

Also, if you have an unstable P4 system and have comments on which hardware and software (mainly drivers), I should avoid for my selection of the P4 system, please post it here.

I as well as other, who consider having P4 system, will be appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. I built a system for a friend last fall using the Asus P4S533 and the P4 1.8 Northwood at 2.4GHz (overclocked). It hasn't crashed since.

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  2. P4s533 and msi 645e-max, both with the older 645dx sis chipset. The msi board has been the most stable of the two. Sold the p4s533, as it wouldn't always hold changes in the voltage settings, but I beleive this was a defect in the board. Running it with the p4 2.4b cpu (not c1 stepping) and ati radeon 8500LE video card. Memory is nanya pc2700 from Fry's electronics. At the default voltage setting for memory (2.5) and 1.525 for the cpu (reads as 1.50 volts-the default was about 1.475), it runs perfectly stable at 150 fsb using the 1:1 Cpu/mem ratio setting. Above that, random reboots due to cheap power supply and modem and video limitations for overclocked pci and agp settings. I recommend the albatron px845 pev pro, as it is reasonably priced, and comes with an agp/pci lock for overclocking.
  3. ok i have a

    gigabyte GA-8PE667 ultra 2 mobo
    2.4Ghz p4
    1 gig legend ddr 2700 (2x 512)
    80Gb seaggate baracuda iv hdd
    geforce4 ti 4200 128mb (Leadtek)
    and an old seagate 4Gb Hdd (real slow old one)
    LG dvd drive

    i am not an overclocker myself but so far i haven't had any problems with it

    (the only thing that might be a problem is my 80Gb HDD seems to hang(temporarily e.g. for 10 secs) the computer whenever i empty the recycling bin, shutdown, or dfrag, sometimes it does it a few times in a row)

    but i don't think thats the mobos problem
    845PE intel chipset
    10/100/1000 LAN built in
    ac97 6 channel sound decoder (works wonders)

    driver installs are easy with the windows flash update utility and dual bios, and i installed all the drivers/programs myself so i havn't encountered any problems yet.

    anyway i have heard a few problems about them but there isn't much out about my board so i can only go by my experience and these ones are pretty good by me!!!!
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