any suggestions on a MMO that isnt WOW to replace helgate?

hey im wondering if i should start playing a MMO,i played wow and i didnt like it. i dont like the cartoony art style and i think the enviroments look kinda bla. i used to play helgate but since the server is shutting down i need a new MMO. I dont want to wait for starwars, so any sugestions??

also i play on a pretty high tech pc cuz i like high end games, so im rulling out final fantasy 11.

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  1. I have just started playing Warhammer online and I love it but very PVP based. Previously I played Lord of the Rings Online and that is awesome, gave me soo much gametime, very pretty and a very good story. They are also about to update the game with the Mines of Moria Expansion. Both are brilliant IMO. Check out Eve online as well, I was a big fan of Frontier and its basically a modern version of that, Eve will destroy your life though if you do start to play ;).
    All cost £8 per month (ish) subscription.
  2. LotRO is the high spec one with the pretty graphics
    WoW is for the no lifers
    WAR is for the PvPers
    EVE is for the no lifers that are also Star Wars fans
    AoC is for the blind
  3. I'll +1 a vote for Warhammer. The PVP aspect feels more like a FPS than an MMO (so don't let that label scare ya off), and you still have tons of storyline to run through in PvE.
  4. play AOC and see how long you can last without wearing any armor ^^
  5. Have a look at Shaiya. It's free, if you don't like it, you've lost nothing
  6. warhammer, its heavily based on pvp with pve but pvp is so good that you'll think pve sucks which isnt, quite most of the fights in warhammer are harder than wow imo, cause the hardest pve has you competing against other players aswell

  7. Maybe Guild Wars ?
  8. I share the opinion of WoW and it's cartoony nature. I play Everquest II and enjoy it alot. It's not for everyone, but shares alot of the gameplay aspects without the ears you can hang drying laundry on.
  9. Warhammer Online is good, but after level 20 or so it becomes pretty grindy. I would recommend it if you are looking for something to play for one or two months and then move on, but if you are the kind of guy who gets married to his MMOs.... I couldn't really recommend any of them right now. I am looking forward to the Old Republic however.
  10. If you want more than clicking a button and autoattacking for pvp don't play WAR....
  11. Everquest 2's graphics are very similar to Guild Wars.

    There aren't many actually new players in EQ2 though, so I really don't know if that part of the game's decent anymore, or if it's a patchwork mess of zones and questlines that were added and forgotten by developers that came and went like some tiers were not long ago.

    Their new zone design's more WoW-like, with an outpost you run quests from before moving on to the next one. I expect the expansion will continue with that.
  12. kbreezy04 said:
    If you want more than clicking a button and autoattacking for pvp don't play WAR....

    What a funny statement. I have yet to play an MMO-type game that had more varied skill use. If you're hitting one button while auto-attacking, you're doing it wrong.
  13. As a further and possibly more constructive thought, join a game that hasnt been out long. Otherwise you run the risk of missing out on all the social interactions while going through a levelling guide.....which will suck hairy ones.
  14. frsrblch said:
    What a funny statement. I have yet to play an MMO-type game that had more varied skill use. If you're hitting one button while auto-attacking, you're doing it wrong.

    First like to say +1 for Warhammer Online.

    To the quote above I concur for the most part. WAR's PvP is certainly no worse and in most cases better than PvP with any other "current" MMO.

    Now go way back and Asheron's Call I'll say was to me better than any out now as far as "twitch skill". When you tossed a fireball or shot that arrow it would arc only if your opponent was moving and would "anticipate" where they would end up. Now if they moved, changed direction or were sitting still but then moved after you fired but before the missile hit you then it would miss more like the real world. One thing I love about WAR is that if you duck behind a tree, pillar or some other natural obstacle your opponents attack smashes against it with not affect to you, also have to face your opponent to pull anything off. I've kited much more damaging classes in WAR and eventually taken them down due to actual maneuvers not just gear or stat tracking. I say Asheron's call was the pinnacle of this in all the MMOs I've played but WAR is certainly the best PvP I have played since AC all those years ago.

    You can always give WAR a try, watch a video or two if your'e worried about the look too much, and I feel you will get your $50 worth in that first free month of play even if you don't continue playing afterwards. I've already played it more in recent weeks than a lot of $50 games I buy and I don't play every night. Read reviews and watch some vids tho for sure.
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