Scourge Invasion ! ZOMFG THE ZOMBIES!

If you know what I'm talking about you knew before clicking on the thread title!

The scourge is invading! In preperation for the new World of Warcraft expansion, the scourge is invading and zombie infestations are happening all over the place.

I had seen scattered cases in ironforge but no infestation... I then made my first visit to shattarath city! omg!

the place was litterally over-run with zombies. Luckily i'm a paladin so I can dispell myself after casting cleanse about 20 times on myself... other classes without this are just stuck unless somebody helps them.

Although it is a little annoying I think it's pretty cool because what other game has things like that just happen?

You're not going to be playing crysis and then.... ZOMG!!!! zombies !!! no... wont happen... You will play your crappy crisis 10 times through and kill the same koreans each time you play through with the same weapons, etc.

One thought though... zombies you kill should be lootable, not just worthless kills. They should be dropping some gold and epic items.
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  1. I know how you feel...
    Personally I think it's annoying as anything. I play Horde and Org seems to get over-run constantly same with TB. Undercity seems to be fine though... I guess they could care less about other undead?

    Anyways, seems smaller towns are being over-run aswell. Tarren Mill is now either being attacked by ally or zombies!

    I think either loot or give some Argent Dawn rep, since we will need exalted with them in the new exp. SOMETHING, ANYTHING would be nice.
  2. I also know how you feel!

    However, I was actually thrilled by the experience. Never would I imagine myself to be unsafe in my own Alliance Capitals! I was running for my life even when I was inside Stormwind. My friend she didn't remove the disease on time (she was busy doing AH'ing) and turned into a zombie ... lol. I thought it was a brilliant idea turning our own Capitals into a massive quasi-pvp ground with Alliance against Alliance (or Horde against Horde). Awesome!

    And yes, I had to wait for like 10 mins before my Shaman trainer was respawned, and got killed again. Oh well.
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