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I've spent the last couple of days pretty much reading reviews upon reviews about motherboards. I've been building a new system and can't seem to find a decent motherboard. When I think I find a motherboard that works I encounter problems that makes it so it won't work. Either it doesn't handle my memory or its not real compatable with my video card. The only one I've seem to find that would appeared decent is a MSI 648 Max-F but I was told that they aren't that reliable. I've looked at Soyo, ASUS, ABIT and so I figured I'd ask for help on this.

I have 2 512 MB PC3200 (DDR400, CA/CAS 2.0) chips, ATI 9700 Pro and Pentium 4 2.4 B processor. I would love a board that could handle the DDR400 but I'm seeing there aren't many, usually DDR333. Thats not so important but would be nice. The important things are that it will support AGP 8X as well as the 533 bus from the P4 B processor.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. You might check out reviews for the Gigabyte 8SG667. It supports AGP8x and DDR400, with a SiS 648 chipset. I don't know of any problems, but I've heard that it doesn't run certain AGP cards. It runs about $90.

    You can also go to gigabyte's website and look at their latest models. I think they have one or two other ones that have the 648 chipset.

    I don't know of any Intel boards that support DDR400.


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  2. Gigabyte's boards seem to be the most stable 648 boards with the 9700 and/or DDR400. I'd suggest either the 8SG667 or the 8SG800 (revised version of the 8SG667).

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