excuse me..I want to know performance of Q6600 in following games.

excuse me.. can processor Q6600 2.4GHz run games like crysis warhead and far cry 2 and call of duty 4 and NFS undercover and fifa 2009 and aslo PES 2009 at high settings without any problems on LCD Moniter SAMSUNG 920NW with max resolution 1440x900

and you should Know also that I have graphic card VEGA GIGABYTE HD4850 OC W/ZALMAN 1GB GDDR3 and 4gb ram.

and how many years can previous combination of processor and graphic card and ram run new games at high settings??
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  1. The games mentioned are all different, i would think CoD 4, FIFA, NFS will be no problem at all.

    Farcry 2 needs some patching so you will be able to run it but i understand tere are problems with the game. Crysis will run but not at top spec, you would need to upgrade to a HD4870.

    Its worth noting that your 4gb ram and Quad core proc is not being fully utilised without a 64bit OS like Vista Ultimate

    How many years will this system run new games at high settings? Thats a hard question to answer, but i would say in 12 months you should reassess the market for upgrades. This setup is fine for most things out there at the mo (Crysis being the current pinnacle)
  2. At that resolution the q6600 should all of those games on high settings with a little overclocking and probably a 4870. my q6600 is a 3GHz and with the 4870 I can run crysis on very high at 1680x1050 with playable framerates...no AA. The rest of the games on that list will be no problem.
  3. thanx for your answers.
  4. i run crysis on full at 1280x1024 with q6600 and 4850
  5. Well I run all the games mentioned but my Q6600 is clocked at 3.2GHz.

    Why not overclock your CPU?
  6. thanks every one for replies.
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