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Im about to get a new system to play with, but Im unsure on my configuration... Please do give me some advice. Should I get PC3200 memory or PC2700? Is the graphicscard much better than gF4 Ti4200 (is it worth a few extra bucks)? Should I stay with the onboard audio or get anything else? Anything I havent thought of? Most likely... Please do comment!

Chieftec Matrix MediumTower
Asus A7N8X Mainboard Socket A
AMD Athlon XP2200+ 1.8 GHz 266 MHz bus.
Cooler Master CPU-fan Socket A/7/FCPGA
2x TwinMOS PC3200 DDR-DIMM 256MB CL2.5
Maxtor IDE ATA-133 60GB 7200RPM.
Sony CD player IDE 52x (CDU-5211)
Sapphire Radeon 9500 Atlantis PRO 128MB.
Logitech Z-340 (speakers)

Price: 1 094 USD

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  1. Go with PC2700 CL2 unless you're going for serious overclocking; set the memory timing to "aggressive" on the bios. And the onboard audio's fine.

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  2. If you dont OC, the the PC2700 is fine. The onboard audio is good. Why are you getting just a CD drive? A CDRW is usually cheaper (on sale) and will give you the ability to burn CDs. The video is about on par with 4200...mebbe a LITTLE faster. Go up to Radeon 9700 for a big boost...

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  3. Radeon 9500Pro worth a few extra bucks in my opinion. Or you can get the Ti4200 w/ 3.3ns memory.
  4. Thanks for all replies! What do you think about MSI K7N2-L instead for the Asus A7N8X (non deluxe version)? Is it a great deal? Do I miss anything by changing? Also, more questions about the memory. Is it really better with two sticks of 256mb ram than one big 512mb?

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  5. The MSI mobo is just as good as Asus non-deluxe, since both mobo doesn't feature SoundStorm, Dual LAN, FireWire, SATA etc. and yes, you should use two DDR for better performance.

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  6. Soundstorm? That sounds interesting... what is it? Is the non deluxe versions audio still as good as the audigy1? Or let me put it this way. I want good onboard audio and lan... atleast. Which one should I choose? Btw, If onboard graphics would be included, is it possible to remove it?

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  7. I doubt the sound is as good on the non-deluxe versions as audigy 1 but soundstorm is certainly brilliant.I have an abit nf7-s and i would highly recommend it-it has all the features of the a7n8x dx except dual lan and is cheaper.

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  8. Now im really bugging around... Ive spent most of the day reading different tests about nForce boards. My conclusion (may be faulty) is that all the nForce boards have the same audio, no matter brand or deluxe versions. Am I right?
  9. No.The important thing to check for is the southbridge of the motherboards.All nforce 2 motherboards have the same northbridge but there are two southbridges, called MCP and MCP-T.The MCP-T is the one with the extra features, such as the better "soundstorm" audio, as well as serial ata etc.The MCP has only lower quality basic 6-channel audio and no serial ata.Boards such as the A7N8X Deluxe, NF7-S, as well as the deluxe MSI,Leadtek etc boards have the MCP-T "deluxe" southbridge, whereas the cheaper boards, such as A7N8X and NF7 etc. have the MCP southbridge.So long as you get one with the MCP-T southbridge you will be getting the best quality "soundstorm" audio and serial ata etc.

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