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I am wanting to build a completely new system, everything even monitor will be upgraded.
for CPU i have decided on q9450 so i need a 775 board. The monitor(primary) will be a 22" LCD 2-5ms responce, i have been looking at a hannis G but this is also open to suggestions as long as the resolution is 1680x1050 and AA and AF to be maxed in game if possible. secondary display will be a 42" 1080p Panasonic Plasma. Case will be an Antec 1200. 5.1 sound will be implemented. Heaviest PC task will be gaming. budget is around 1800 USD. i will not be waiting for x58, but future proof as much as you think i would need to at the res's i have stated. monitor will be purchased later, most likely as a gift for xmas(but less than 300 USD) i will be getting a nostromo n52te, g3 logictech mouse, generic keyboard all already accounted for and not included in budget money.
bottom line:
1. NO Stuttering
2. Image Quality
3. High FPS
4. Upgradeability
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  1. Is the 42" included in that dollar amount?

    If you already have the HDTV, then $1800 will get you a lot better than a high midrange system. You should be able to max out just about everything with that kind of money. If you need to buy the HDTV with that money then you should be able to get a decent high end PC, but not quite maxed out.
  2. no sorry, the tv is being bought seperate
  3. 35 views and 2 replies. am i missing something?
  4. I don't see what your problem is, really. Grab a good P45 board, or X48 if you want to crossfire, an HD 4870X2, 4Gb of DDR2 800 or higher RAM, one or two 500Gb hard drives, if two, put them in RAID 0.
  5. Well you are not really asking any questions...more of an extended statement of your intent, and you are posting in the wrong forum as well.

    /points to New Build forum.
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