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Im after a few recommendations of some single player FPS's that dont get as much press as the Crysis's, COD4's and the Farcry 2's.

Good story, good modern graphics is all i am after. My specs are displayed in my Member configuration and should run most things. I have been stuck in MMO's for a few years and have probably missed out on some good games in that time.

STALKER S.O.C. is sitting on the shelf waiting to be installed so anything along these lines.
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  1. I personally did not care that much for the stalker games. Clear sky is a little better then the original but that isn't saying much. Games that don't get press usually don't for a reason...They are crap! Fallout 3 is a fps that has a great story, Oblivion is another fps you might want to check out though you don't shoot any guns (Bows and arrows, swords, axes). The games you listed are great, I would grab the Orange box too which includes Half-Life 2, HL2 episode 1&2, portal, and Team Fortress 2. All of those games are must play FPS's.
  2. I should have mentioned ive gone through Oblivion and Orange Box on my trusty 360. Along with Bioshock as well come to think of it.

    Call of Juarez I have heard of but never recommended so i will check it out.

    If i see one more RPG after spending over a year raiding 6 hours a night on WoW i will cry like a little puppy who just lost his bone.
    And then had his tail run over to boot.
  3. Fallout 3.
  4. Bioshock, Mass Effect, Frontlines Fuel of War, off top of my head. :p
  5. Fallout 3 obviously - great story so far. I loved STALKER as well, Bioshock was good with environments but I thought the shooting mechanics/action were kind of lame. Not sure why people are mentioning Call of Juarez...I had the misfortune of playing it for an hour or so, and it ran like balls, and wasn't the tiniest bit of fun either. Oblivion's another good and Fallout 3 are certainly the types of games that give you your money's worth!
  6. BioShock has a good story for an FPS. Mass Effect has a great narrative but it's a 3rd person RPG, not an FPS. If you want to go back a little further, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay has an excellent story for a movie-inspired game. It's also one of my all-time favorite FPS titles and I can't seem to shut up about here on the forum.
  7. I have Fallout 3 and it is straight amazing. It's an RPG but is still a FPS. I don't use the FPS part though as VATS it one of the most fun things I've played in a game. It just doesn't get old. It's like plasma grenades in Halo. You really don't get tired of it. I have yet to get Bloody Mess which will make it even better.
  8. Agree with tallguy here. I just started playing fallout 3 yesterday and it really looks great. You can alter your playstyle (FPS or VATS) just by using either one. Let's say first two shots cowboy style and then a critical finisher to the head... Great concept really. And the rest looks awesome, too.
  9. Go back as far as you want as long as the graphics arent DOOM.

    Frontlines - Fuel Of War, ill pick that up as well, and the Riddick game i avoided as the standard movie tie in rule.

    Did Mass Effect on the 360 - KOTOR without Lightsabers is not a good look.
  10. pr2thej said:
    Go back as far as you want as long as the graphics arent DOOM.

    Frontlines - Fuel Of War, ill pick that up as well, and the Riddick game i avoided as the standard movie tie in rule.

    Did Mass Effect on the 360 - KOTOR without Lightsabers is not a good look.

    In Mass Effect, you have to aim and shoot in real time, compared to KOTOR's turn based combat. Other than that's they're pretty similar.
  11. I think Quake IV would be a good budget game as well as Prey. I actually really liked both, although Prey is pretty short. Any of the older call of duty games are good too.

    Fallout 3 seems to be a really good games, but it wasn't focused on shooting like a regular FPS, but if you liked Oblivion then this would be a great game to get. Also, you could hammer through the first Half life now that I think of it.
  12. Presumably you have visited Dues Ex 1 and Red Faction 1. Worth (re)investigating since they are spawning the third generation in these series. Both series had a lamentable second episodes so expectations are high that lessons have been learnt, etc!!

    Red Faction 3: is in beta ETA. The story line is outlined here:

    It apparently has an interesting/unique line in destructible environments : the GeoMod System (4+ years in development). Everything in the world is modeled in great detail. So much so that the game modelers had to have basic architectural training to ensure there buildings wouldn't fall down to easily!! Sounds like it goes beyond the structural physics used in Crysis for example. I almost cried when I heard it was 3rd person this time. But it is a kind of "a-behind-the-head" FPS because otherwise you can't see bits of buildings falling down on you!! It was originally meant to be FPS as per RF1 and RF2 but you died too easily in buildings because of falling masonry!!

    Dues Ex 3 ETA Winter 2009?? I really hope they don't screw this one up!! I have gone back to Dues Ex: Invisible War and it does benefit a lot from a newer system (it was unplayable on the GPUs available at the time it was released). Still it was too dumbed down from the original to interest most folks at all.

  13. Deus Ex 1 and 2 yes (although 2 on Xbox >.< )

    Amazing games, i have the urge to play through again :D

    I admit im not familiar with the Red Faction series, ill check that out as well.
  14. Just thought of something obscure: Star Wars Republic Commando. :p
  15. ^+1 Republic Commando was fantastic. Just wish they would come out with a 2nd one already.
    Oblivion is fantastic, and it can suck as much time out of your life as an MMO. Dead Space is my current favorite, graphics, storyline, and combat are great, and it makes F.E.A.R. (another great game) look about as scary as a Disney movie.
  16. There's also Advent Rising, with plot written by Orson Scott Card (author of Ender's Game). It's a third person shooter, just like Mass Effect. But in term of "story driven," it's the holy grail. :p
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