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Hi all - new here, but this seems to be the most helpful site to possibly resolve my (and others) win7 64 bit hard freeze problems.

I put together a new build late last week with the following hardware (copied and pasted off newegg):

N82E16822136320 HD 500G|WD WD5001AALS
N82E16814127441 VGA MSI|N9800GT-MD1G RT
N82E16817341022 PSU OCZ|OCZ550FTY 550W RT
N82E16827106335 DVD BURNER LITE-ON | IHAS424-98 R
N82E16813131404 MB ASUS P7P55D P55 LGA1156 RT
N82E16819115213 CPU INTEL|CORE I7 870 2.93G R
N82E16820231277 MEM 2Gx2|GSKILL F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL

i assembled the system and installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit (updated) on the 60gb SSD. all drivers are up to date, including the AHCI and chipset drivers. the only programs installed are AVAST, chrome, foobar2000 and the ASUS cpu temperature probe.

here's what i'm experiencing - i boot up, open chrome, browse around for a minute, then close it and try to open foobar or do something else, and experience a hard lock. mouse cursor stutters for a split second and then it freezes. only holding the case power button down and rebooting will fix it. sometimes opening a different tab on chrome triggers it, sometimes closing chrome triggers it, etc.

solutions i've tried:
a) i ran memtest for 8 hours on my Gskill Ripjaws 4gb RAM, no errors, no lockups. RAM is set at proper voltage/ timing (1.5v 9-9-9-9-2N-24)
b) disabled my wireless card (rosewill ralink based PCI), turned off the monitor, let it sit at desktop overnight. no lockups.
c) applied windows 7 hotfix 2265716 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2265716) designed to stop hard freezes, lockups still happen within 10 minutes of bootup.

based on what i'm seeing, it seems that it could either be the wireless card not being totally windows 7 compatible (read that on another forum somewhere), or the nvidia drivers being funky with windows 7 x64, or something inherent in the windows 7 architecture. considering the error is so widespread and AMD/Intel etc. doesn't seem to matter, i'm stumped on this one. but i'd like to be able to use my $1300 rig for more than 10 minutes at a time. thoughts?
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  1. Well it looks like you pretty much narrowed it down yourself. I would say it's probably your wireless card since your system didn't lockup when you disabled it.

    I have had issues with nvidia drivers and windows 7 and everytime I experienced a lockup it was when I was doing something graphics intensive. I have had no issues with the latest drivers but that doesn't mean that you won't. If you want to eliminate the graphics drivers I would leave the wireless card enabled and try different graphics drivers to see if there is any impact.
  2. it didn't lock up, but i wasn't doing anything on it either. from the 1 egg reviews on newegg of my wireless card, though, it appears that the Ralink RT61 chipset has terrible x64 drivers and makes computers freeze (http://bit.ly/9oWlgA). makes me wonder if a lot of the problems people are having with windows 7 x64 is related to that chipset - in all the forum posts i read, nobody mentions what kind of wireless chipset they're using in their specs. perhaps that's the common link?
  3. You can alway try to download the winXP 64bit drivers and use the *.inf for you system
  4. just as an update, my solution was to get the Ralink RT61 drivers off microsoft update catalog and install them. neither rosewill nor ralink had the proper windows 7 x64 drivers, and that was what was causing the lockup. something with the wireless card and internet traffic. no lockups since i update the wireless drivers.
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