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February 23, 2003 4:29:35 AM

What i am really Preturbed is hearing most of the people complain about the asus A7N8X.
Is Asus the only board which everybody is buying or it is that the other companies are like MSI, Gigabyte, Soyo etc are making better boards or it is that te other boards are not being sold so no boards no probs.
Cmon guys if Asus is giving probs then go in for Gigabyte or Msi or any other company of oyr choice let Asus get the message that Research and development and finetuning on consumer money like us wont be tolerated.
Lets see what we can get out of this discussion its not a matter of choice in answering but lets see what you guys can come up with
I invite everybody to post here on this topic that the R&D will not be tolerated on users money and time and we want better solutions.

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so enjoy life but!!!!!!

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February 23, 2003 4:48:53 AM

I see a lot of guys having problems with PC3500 on the A7N8X, because BIOS doesn't know how to interpret the SPD values properly. This is of course as much the fault of the assembler for using PC3500 as it is the fault of Asus for not supporting it. There are workarounds.

I see a few guys got defective boards. I guess that's the chance you take to get "cutting edge". Not a very good chance of getting a bad one, and if you do, you exchange it.

I see a couple guys are just very unlucky, like CompSci. Well, I know what it's like to be unlucky, so I empathise.

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February 23, 2003 4:51:49 AM

My a7n8x owns.
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February 23, 2003 5:51:44 AM

Even if only some of the boards have problems then you (the mobo company) have to beresponsible for that
and besides i seen people having problems not relating to the 3500 memory so my point is the companies should ralize that in the race against time where they think they loose out on the sales if they dont come out with the new mobos faster than the competition they should also feel the responsibility of giving a good stable product
and i am pro cutting edge technology but if the new technology is the thig which causes trouble as in memory then the cutting tech is only cutting our time and money and also creating bad repo of the company coz all the new users nowdays who screw their gigs also read the forums and its the same story everywhere.

just a point i am not against anything but i started this debate coz i built a system for my friend in India and i am waiting for the last 20 days as the replacment policy is useless here.

:cool: & :eek:  is <font color=red> my frame of mind </font color=red>
so enjoy life but!!!!!!
February 23, 2003 1:58:28 PM

Luck's got nothin to do with it!!!

With an AGP vidcard - mine will carry a full loaded Win 2k Pro and server, full range of applications, gets good numbers, and does really smoke sql database preformance with a Gig of memory! I mean let it get database indexs in its fast bandwith memory is it does BIG queries IMMEDIATELY! It puts other boxs I've got to shame here(big time)! It's a silent swiftie withalot of memory - Whew...

But it WILL NOT RUN ANY PCI VIDIO CARD and shutdown, standby, use power management - just does not opperate to PCI 2.1 standards with PCI Vidio!
I can't find anybody who can get any PCI vidio card to run correctly on it.
(and its got the symptoms that maybe all Nforce2 chipsets, on all mobo's, with any PIC vidcard will do the same - chipset driver bug)
It's Nvidia and nForce drivers(even the mostcurent), not Asus hardware - don't load the drivers and ya don't have the problem.
Get the drivers to pass the Windows Acceptance Testing and Ccertification for use with W2K and XP and it would make a versitle mobo - bugs would dissapear!
Yaall see it when the drivers install the first time - Not Acceptance Tested for usage with Windows!!!

It can run pretty well (and swiftly) - just not very versitle and pretty picky.
I'd like to see the Nforce drivers pass the usage for windows testing and it would make a better mobo for everybody.

Sombody said "It's as about as stable as a Racehorse" - good description...
February 23, 2003 3:16:12 PM

I think ASUS in general, make good quality motherboards. Any company is bound to have a few lemons. Whether damaged was caused by during packaging, shipping, etc. I also find that most of their motherboards are priced a higher than the competition. Take the A7NX8(non-deluxe) for example, its ~$120 while most of the boards in its class are running under $100. I'd personally go with the epox 8rda.
Some of the reasons so many more people are having problems with the A7N8X is because:
1)I think its the most popular nforce 2 board, so it sold the most.
2)Some are using crappy parts(generic memory, etc.)
3)Some just don't know what they are doing
February 23, 2003 3:20:31 PM

Mine has served me well with no problems. People who post either don't know what they are doing or are unlucky and got a board from one of the defective batches. You don't see very many sucess stories ause not many people post them. I have yet to try that PCI error thing that I have been hearing about lately though. And the lack of PC3500 support is another thing I will have to try. But seriously it is a solid board and worthy of most people's money. It was definatley worth mine.

One mans throw-away is another mans god-box. Help friends in need, I always do!!
Then again, having extra parts are great for making dedicated servers for LAN parties!!!!
February 23, 2003 6:01:50 PM

dude, compsci, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET RID OF YOUR FRIGGIN PCI CARD [/vent] ok now, seriously. You buy a top of the line board with other top of the line products, but put a product in that is by no means top of the line? This is exactly what i mean in why some people have problems with this board. They're putting inferior products in them. Lets buy a ferrari, but put cheap spark plugs on it, a really cheap oil filter, Walgreen's brand motor oil, and steal the tires off of mom's mini-van and expect it to perform the way it should. Of course it's not. Spend a few dollars and get an agp graphix card. Even get a geforce4 MX .. those are really cheap.
February 23, 2003 8:13:07 PM

Maybe compsci like me doesn't have the dough to buy a good agp card. I'm selling stuff left and right to get enough money to replace my tnt2 with a 9700pro.
February 23, 2003 9:48:11 PM

There are some problems with the board. All boards have some problems. I'm sure various revisions to a board are released to make up for at least some of the problems.

There were/are problems with the bios. Many of the early posts on this board indicated that they had problems and that the bios fixed the issue, at least to some degree. I didn't have problems with my board because almost everything was new/modern except a couple of older HDDs. Due to that I didn't upgrade the bios. I typically don't overclock, but after reading some of the posts here I put some effort into it and have been able to get my 2400+ overclocked stably to that of a 2600+. I have some weak memory; need a better power supply; and need a better cooler for the cpu. Then I'll try overclocking it more.

Even so, overclocking a board and then griping about it and claiming it is bad is the wrong thing to do.

I gather from reading virtually every post on this board that there are some real issues people have, some perceived issues and they don't understand systems well enough to work them out, and there are just some unhappy campers that will dump on a board just because others have complained about them.

Many reviews have been done and I don't recall anyone having pointed out any sort of large issue with the board during their tests. One would suspect that had there been such glaring and overwhelming issues that make this a bad board that someone, somewhere in their review, would have identified it and reported it as part of the review.

That brought the thought to mind that Tom's Hardware could do a second look at the board to see if it actually does have all the alarming problems people here have claimed.

ASUS considers this a hot board, which means they are probably selling like hotcakes. When you get an item that sells like crazy and you have a site such as this which is designed to help people, you are bound to hear all the bad things.

Time will tell us if this is truly a bad board. Someone will stand up and do some tests surrounding the weak areas people are alarmed about. If you are unsure, there are many boards that are comparable in terms of features and manufacturing quality.

I may have gotten lucky on my board because it is rock solid. I didn't go into overclocking right away and waited studying these threads. I couldn't be more pleased with my board. Now the A7V333 board I have in my 2nd machine is another story.
February 24, 2003 1:07:50 AM

I am wondering what happens in the case of having an AGP card but putting a PCI card in to have dual monitors. Like in the case of having an AiW 9700pro that doesn't have dual heads, and putting in a PCI video card. You can't be expected to ditch your AiW for a dual head card. So does this scenario cause the same issues?
February 24, 2003 5:09:34 AM

My system stats are at the bottom. As I've stated in other posts, I couldn't be happier with my A7N8X system. A good point was made above about using quality components that Asus supports.

When a company publishes the stats of something that it supports, it is unreasonable to expect hardware outside of those specs to work. You can argue all day long that the A7N8X should have worked "out of the box" with PC3500 DDR but you're wrong. Yes, they advertise overclocking features, but nowhere that I have seen, says that they support PC3500/DDR433 so live with it. You guys that run the PC3500 are lucky that Asus eventually released a BIOS that works with the SPD settings.

I am surprised with the PCI video problem though. That dissapoints me. It doesn't effect me although I can definitely understand why it makes people that want to run dual head video pissed off. If you're just running a single PCI video card, I can only ask, "Why?" You buy a great new motherboard with cutting edge material and then put an S3 Virge in it?

For people that have software problems, I thought of a factor that maybe people either haven't thought of or don't want to talk about. How many of the people that have trouble are running Windows XP Pro with a blacklisted key that won't let them install Service Pack 1. I actually read my documentation before building (for once) and the drivers on the Asus CD specifically said to install Service Pack 1 BEFORE installing the Nforce2 drivers. How many people didn't or couldn't do this?

So, I love this machine. I have at the same time been downloading/uploading with WinMX, downloading binaries from newgroups using Agent, watching a DVD with full surround sound, had Mirc open in several rooms, and burned a music CD with no glitches, hang ups, or crashes (all drives on seperate IDE channels).

I'm sure there have been some boards that really were bad, that happens. But, I'll bet the failure rate is no higher than any other boards out there. I think for the most part, it comes down to following directions, staying within hardware specifications and knowing what the hell you are doing. Oh yeah, <font color=red>RTFM!</font color=red> :) 

4 A7N8X systems built and all 100% stable. I'm building #5 next week.

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February 25, 2003 11:16:45 AM

ok if no ones noticed alot more than just a few peopel with memory problems have arose, problems mainly dealing with chipset issues in the deluxe board.
February 25, 2003 6:35:26 PM

...And the vast majority of those memory problems was because of the type of ram used. Aside from the OCZ PC3500 problem (which was/is not supported so no fault of Asus or Nvidia) a large portion of people had memory problems due to mismatched sticks of DDR in dual channel mode. Corsair released something a while back saying that tiny differences in the DIMM's were causing problems. So while they worked fine by themselves, together they had errors. That is why they now sell matched pairs.

I would say 95% of the problems are a result of too many new technologies all coming together at the same time and people not doing their homework before plugging everything in. (I exempt the people that got screwed before all this information was available<g>)

<font color=purple>AMD XP 2200+, A7N8X Deluxe, 512mb PC3200 Corsair XMS DDR, Geforce3 Ti-500, Audigy Platinum, TDK 48x CDRW, Lite-On 16x DVD, XP Pro SP1, and more neon than a ghetto sled </font color=purple>
February 25, 2003 6:50:07 PM

Hey, it's similar to when the ECS K7S5A mobos first came out. Got a definite wide prospect of opinions. Some said it sucked big time. Some said it ran well for what it cost.

I'm still running the ECS by the way. I've had from 700 Duron to a 900 Athlon B to a 1.0Athlon C to a Duron 1100 "Morgan" and no problems. My next step is Athlon XP on this baby, probably the 2600+ what it can deal with max.

It's just like without positive and negative feedback, you just don't have a marketable product.

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February 26, 2003 12:31:21 PM

The deal with service pack 1 is USB 2.0 support. You won't have it unless you load SP1, first. Because the Nforce2 2.0+ drivers don't load the moduule unless you have.

Other than that, I care not.

"I personally think filesystems should be rewritten from scratch every 5 years..." --- Hans Reiser