my online games can't see any servers

team fortress 2 an battlefield 2142 doesn't show any servers, i can use limewire and connect to the internet but i can't play any of this games,i already shutdown the firewall and reinstalled my netcard drivers but nothing happens two weeks ago i was playing this games just fine and now i dont know
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  1. Did you turn off the WINDOWS firewall, as well as make sure the firewall in your router needs any configuration for those games?
  2. port forwarding/DMZ etc on the router if your using one.
  3. thanks it seems it was a trouble with my isp provider thanks all
  4. i have got a mac computer.

    single player works fine we have got the internet but when i click multiplayer there are no serves showing
  5. Is that cos no one plays games on macs, ergo no servers? :)
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