2X 5870's for sale, CHEAP. UPDATE: Both Sold, Thank You!

Seeing if there are any buyers interested in one or both of my HD 5870's.

I see the lowest listing on newegg is just under 400 dollars for a brand new 5870.

I will sell 1X 5870 for 280$ shipped. OR I will sell both 5870's as a pair (I am running them in crossfire) for the sick price of 520$ shipped.

Both cards have been great for me, well kept, and perfect condition. I just want to see if anyone is interested because I am planning a move to Nvidia + 3D Vision and all that fun stuff. Post if you are interested, or better yet PM me.

thanks for looking - Annisman.

By the way I have sold 4 or 5 things here on Tom's to random people, including video cards and an LCD monitor with no problems.

Here's a pic:
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  1. I have a samsung Syncmaster 2233rz which is a 3d monitor and the 3d vision kit which im selling selling if you are interested.
  2. Sorry, I'm selling the cards because I already bought a monitor and 3D kit.

    May I ask why you are selling it ? Was 3d not what you were expecting ?
  3. I play MW2 more than anything else, and it isnt fully supported, i dont think. So i end up just not using it. When i play COD WaW i do use it because it looks amazing. Do you have an nvidia card?
  4. pm'ed
  5. last one is gone to me :D
  6. One sold for sure, other one is possibly on the way to Canada.
  7. Will take it! Just let me sleep and gather the monies first thing in the morning :P
  8. OK, both sold as of now. thanks for looking everyone. Nvidia/3D here I come!
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