Fallout 3 too short, *spoilers*

ok so ive just completed fallout 3 in 16 hours 30min and i must say its an absolutly brilliant game but i have a few gripes, BE WARNED IF YOU HAVNT PLAYED THE GAME DONT READ THIS.

*****************SPOILER ALERT*********************

i dont get the ending fawkes you absolute *** he can survive high radiation but i must go and get killed cause he refuses? yet hes deeply sorry and would like to help me after i saved him.

i would of liked the main story to be longer i was expecting to pour atleast 25-30 hours into the main story line, after 'dad' dies it feels very rushed everything just sort of happens.

the levels im not entirely sure how important the level system is in this apart from a few key areas like security and um i would like to say sneak but that turned out to be pretty pointless most of the time(i finished the game at level 10).

i found that while going around indoors that the super mutants would run up to you and attack even if they where a few rooms away and there was no way they could of seen you(hence my sneak comment) this made mines a completly useless bit of kit except for one area in the game when you set fawkes free, first thing i did was plant mines outside all the cell doors.

i tested out a few dialog options using a quick save and they dont seem to change the story in any way the characters simply respond differently to you then carry on regardless of what you told them.

why do have to die at the end couldnt fawkes save you? it would of been difficult to just let you continue and finish some of the side quests i had lined up to do after the main story. overall the ending was pretty poor but the rest was brill.

***************END OF SPOILERS******************

overall i found the game to be brilliant i was enthralled in the story line all the way through and loved every moment of it, the game certaintly serves to get 'game of the year' unlike that POS far cry 2. The only area the game lacks is in the graphical elemnts, super mutants are very rough around the edges (you can see this on fawkes) and several of the textures appear to be flat although they were obviously meant to have buttons and things on them as seen on most of the buttons for doors.

overall its a 9- 9.5 simply because some of the graphic issues.
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  1. I skipped your spoiler section (thanks for the warning). But is this game supposed to be a scary style game? Kind of what Bioshock was?

  2. nah its not bioshock, if you played and liked Oblivion and played and liked Bioshock you will like this game alot. the style/music/general demenor is Bioshock style yet the repair/item/stat system is all oblivion(the level up system is better here than in oblivion they tweaked it allot, fallout 3 uses the same engine oblivion used and it shows tbh)

    the game isnt scary, all the creatures and are explained very well and the missions well laid out, the only real complaint i have is that theres huge chunks missing out of the backstory but it might just be that i didnt look hard enough, for example theres pockets of humans and raiders ect but its never explained how they actually got there or survived the fallout.

    the music score used in the game is very bioshock esk, and there is so much more to explore than what i did, ive come accross towns with radio stations you can enable, i have no idea why i would want to do it but i did anyway im sure htere would be a side quest explaining it, im going to be making a new character so i can play through the side quests in detail and learn more about the residents of the wasteland. the story mechanics are well driven you will care about the characters you wont want to hurt them unless your mean, you even 'feel' for some of the NPCs in the choices you have to make. There are several spots in the game that will make you question your own moral values.

    my only regret..... ive gotta go back to work tomorrow.
  3. U really have to do all the mini quests within it, did u find oasis and the talking tree?( olny found it myself by complete accident) loads of stuff out there, im going through the game again and trying to complete as many missions as i can get my hands on, really good, really like the vats system brings me back to the old fallout1 and 2
  4. Dude - im not sure how you can say that this game is too short.
    Sure, if you just wanted to win champ of the year for running through the main story line without even enjoying the storyline or side quests, then yes - it might only take several hours of solid commitment.

    My experience however is completely different. I am absolutely OVERWHELMED by the amount of content this game has to offer. I played for several hours of each day of this past weekend and i barely made any headway. I wondered around DC just checking stuff out, roughly trying to finish some mole quest- and just got caught up in massive Super Mutant war and a bunch of other quests. It seems like each corner you turn there is another doorway/passageway/underground/bunker/sewer to explore.

    If you dont have a goal ( like a quest ) to follow you can easily just wonder the wastes for hours ( and enjoy it ! ). Im loving it to be honest. This is easily my game of the 2008 by far and i'd highly recommend it.

    This is NOT a short game.
  5. did you read my post? what i said was the main quest story is too short, i totally agree with you the actual full game with all side quests etc makes the game massive however i was expecting to be playing the main story line for far longer.

    I've clocked almost 21 hours in the game so far, and I've just now gotten to the part where dear Liam Neeson (sp) irradiates himself. I'm at about level 13 1/2, and I feel like I'm probably about halfway through the game, but maybe 1/3 of the way through all of the content the game has to offer. Maybe even less than that, considering several side quests close/open depending on what you do - I'm playing through it the first time as a saint, but i know for my second play-through I'm going to be totally evil (i.e. blowing up Megaton, selling Brian into slavery, choosing offensive dialogue options, and stealing things). It seems like they did a great job of making you play it again just to unlock all the possible content available depending on how much of an a**hole you decide to be.

    I read in a review, too, that some of the morality choices you have to make are tough to do, and just sort of threw it aside...but really, I could never imagine selling Brian into slavery or blowing up Megaton on the first run-through - some of that stuff really does kind of stick with you, even more so than some of the assassins' guild quests in Oblivion.
  7. SnareSpectre said:

    I read in a review, too, that some of the morality choices you have to make are tough to do, and just sort of threw it aside...but really, I could never imagine selling Brian into slavery or blowing up Megaton on the first run-through - some of that stuff really does kind of stick with you, even more so than some of the assassins' guild quests in Oblivion.

    lol well yea that was my problem too, i couldnt blow up megaton the thought of it actually made me feel bad and as it turns out its an extremely useful place to keep, and i couldnt catch all the slaves.... have you done tranquillity lane yet? my god i felt awful after that.
  8. Hmm I don't think so. I think it's marked on my map, though...I tend to activate quests faster than I complete them, so I generally have 6 open at any given time. At Paradise City, though, I bought the 3 kids' freedom after talking the slave owner down to 1,200 caps instead of 2,000 for all of them - I still haven't found a good home for Brian, or disarmed the Megaton nuke; those two have been active quests since like 3-4 hours into the game and I haven't figured out how to do them yet. I chose to play through the game with good karma first just so when I go back and turn evil the second time through, I can justify it by knowing it's not the kind of person I really evidenced by the first play-through, lol.
  9. Oh and if anyone knows whether or not going in and shooting all the slave owners gains karma/saves the adult slaves let me know, because I felt bad after the one guy got his head blown off by the collar, and I'd like to save them if I can.
  10. /spoiler

    Wished I could've joined the Brotherhood of Steel sooner than the end. And the push from the Citadel to the Jefferson Memorial was damn fun. Die Communists!

    It's a great game, but the engine feels old, Far Cry 2/Crysis might not be perfect, but I do like walking through the brush and it moving away.

    I'm gonna load from before the assault and do all the side quests I missed (maybe blow up megaton).
  11. What I liked about the first 2 fallouts is that you could play through it and each time its different.

    Sometimes I would find guns I'd never seen the first time I played through, stuff like that. I might wait until christmas to buy it since i'm pretty involved with WoW right now and probably will get the new expansion too.
  12. How are you guys seeing how many hours and minutes you spent playing? I am doing a review with Travis and I managed to be the game much sooner than I anticipated. It's not like I was trying to rush through it, I just had no clue that the last couple quests I was going through were part of the end game.
  13. ^ Whenever you load a game it will say how much time you are at in the game. I think pip boy might have it somewhere too.
  14. Yeah I looked all over for it in PipBoy and I don't think it's there...but yeah you can click "load" and then just put your cursor over a game and it shows how long you've played it. I don't know what I think about the ending - either one of the big choices you pick at the very end (no spoilers, don't worry) left me feeling like crap, lol. Oh well...guess it's time to load up a previous save point and get to cracking on all the side quests. I never even found Dog Meat, either, so I'll have to go find him...
  15. Yeah I haven't found dog meat yet either. I'm not planning on beating the game anytime soon though. Once I can wear power armor I'm going to dedicate myself to side missions and exploring.

    Lol I just beat it on accident like Ryan Lord did...I didn't know the main quest was going to end so soon! If anyone knows the last possible save point I can reload, that would be a big help - I'm hoping it's right after blowing up the Enclave HQ and the president.
  17. lol Spectre, i knew that would happen to you, you should be like me, i quicksave before i go through any door, and every min or so in the wastelands, luckily i was able to go to my quicksave just before you enter the room that activates the final sequence, so i had power armour and stuff, but decided to start a new character anyway.
  18. Well I did save pretty often, so I'm not too worried about finding SOME point, I just don't want it to have to be 6 hrs. ago. By the final sequence, do you mean the door right before you fight Autumn (or whatever his name is?), then input the code?
  19. SnareSpectre said:
    Oh and if anyone knows whether or not going in and shooting all the slave owners gains karma/saves the adult slaves let me know, because I felt bad after the one guy got his head blown off by the collar, and I'd like to save them if I can.

    Yeah i felt bad for him too, i don't think you can stop him, but you can kill all the slavers and gain good karma, i went in there mini nukes a blazin' and it was probably the best battle to date.
  20. i totaly agree with this guy it is too short and deads death is sudden but theres a thing that disapoints me as soon as i get fawkes as a follower and get the mysterius stranger perk AND enclave telsa armor the game ends!!!! im like wtf i didnt even get to kill anyone with any of my new stuff and i have to start a new game ugh :fou: :cry:
  21. You can get tesla armor if you can find the enclave camps. This game is super long if you are willing to do the side quests, but the main story is prety short.
  22. Same here, way too short. Fallout 1 and 2 were great. Not so black and white, allowed bigger teams than just 1, and the main story much longer. They took both around 2 months to play through, 3 was just 5 days. A real shame. I was waiting to play the game for almost 2 years and felt cheated. This was a rape of the earlier Fallouts. Guess those who thought it was cool have not really played earlier Fallouts, and those who ranked it as the game of the year.
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