how do i remove securom after uninstalling the game

OK so i've uninstalled spore and dead space. how do i remove the stupid securom?
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  1. you don't - thats one of the reasons that people are so angry about it (well, I daresay its possible to remove it, but its difficult to the point of being easier to reinstall windows than to do so
  2. really? I remember reading an article that tells you how to remove securom and all the files and the undeletable registries. But I'm not sure which version of securom that was for (although I did, or at least I think I removed the Bioshock securom with it). I know that someone posted it on tomshardware, but I can't find it now.

    So is there really no way to remove securom? what makes it unremovable? is it the undeletable registries?
  3. securom is the greatest piece of malware/rootkit/crap to going to pay close attention to this thread if someone comes up with a solution to your problem (my problem, too).
  4. thank ye! but it will this one work with the version that came with warhead?
  5. i don't know. that's why i'm asking you guys
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