I have a new Win2K box that was working fine for the first three weeks. All of a sudden when I try to close it down I get a stop message from the OS. The message is displayed right at the point where an ATX case would automatically power down. Instead I get this message with some memory addressing and the machine powers up again.


I am thinking power supply might be messed up, or the HD has some bad areas, or it might be the driver that is hosed. I haven't done any hard work on the system yet. I was curious if anyone had ever seen a problem like this before.



What did we do before we had computers?
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  1. Yes, I had this when I added a USB device (Logitech QuickCam Pro) that didn't have Win2k drivers. The win98 drivers worked, but would cause this BSOD on power-down. It drove me nuts until I bought a 3Com webcam that was properly supported under Win2k and updated its' drivers.

    Have you added any new hardware recently? If so, check for driver updates and also check your BIOS for updates.

  2. I was thinking USB too. Whatever you got on the USB, you might try disconnecting if you can, and see if that's the prob.
  3. The thing is that I don't have anything on the USB. Could it be software that is hacking up the sytem?

    What did we do before we had computers?
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