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I have a WinXP user whose PC has lost the ability to allow Remote Desktop connections to it. However, he can connect to other PCs using Remote Desktop. The PC is operating fine otherwise and has full network connectivity. I have tried the following to fix the problem:

running antivirus sweep
running spyware sweep
running chkdsk /f
making sure WinXP firewall is disabled
making sure Remote Desktop connections are enabled
making sure remote users in question have proper rights on PC
checking his network ID to see if a policy is preventing remote connections
making sure port 3389 is open
removing his PC from domain, renaming and re-adding to domain
Uninstalling network adapter and allowing WinXP to add back automatically

He has a lot of stuff on his PC that would take a long time to reload, so I'm trying to avoid rebuilding the hard drive. Does anyone know what might be causing this and/or how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
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  1. What does Event Viewer say?

    Are all the appropriate dependent services enabled?

    And on from there. Still a bunch of thigns you haven't listed as checking.
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