2x 256 DDR or 1x 512 DDr

If i buy MSI K7N2-L which ram is better:
2x 256MB DDR333 or 1x 512MB DDR333
Which ram is better to take if any, if there is any diference at all.
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  1. I usually go with two sticks of 256MB when buying RAM, because in the event one goes bad and is not under warranty, you still have another working chip and only have to buy another 256 stick to replace it, rather than a 512 going bad and needing to replace all 512 of your memory.
  2. With that (or any NForce2) board 2x 256 is defenitly better. It supports dual channel DDR. Which requires the use of 2 chips.

    As for that motherboard (I have one) the only problem I've ran into is the on-board NIC won't work on 10MB mode. Might just be a driver issue, but I can't get mine to work with a 10 MB hub, works fine when I'm plugged into my 100MB switch. Other than that I have had no problems with the board.

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  3. Since you are buying a nForce2 board, then it's better to buy 2 x 256 MB.

    Except nForce/nForce2/Intel E7205 (Granite Bay) chipset bsaed mobos, 1 module is better

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