Cuddles Vista 64 Guide to Gaming

Vista 64 Guide to Gaming

This Guide is a work in progress that I hope to finish in two weeks. If you have any info that could help or links I would appreciate it. If you find it confusing realize it's still being worked on and some of it's just ideas I am jotting down.

This Guide will be broken into four parts.

Part 1 Vista 64 as a Gaming OS
This part will go into some lengths into the OS and as it compares to the 32 bit versions. This will also look at the different features in helping you get your games running such as Compatability, DEP, and Hardware requirements.

Part 2 Streamlining Vista 64 for Gaming
This will look at different programs and utilities that can help you run your gaming OS to it's full potential.

Part 3 Microsoft Virtual PC
This will look at the Microsoft Virtual PC as a part of your entire Gaming OS and why you need it. This will go into installation, troubleshooting, and using the Virtual PC as a component to your Gaming PC.

Part 4 Games that Do and Do Not Run
This part will list Games that do run and do not run under Vista 64. It will include installation tips and more to get your game running on your machine.

If you find a game that doesn't run or you had to do a workaround please help out and put it down.
Unlike a lot of Guides this Guide is going to be straight and to the point. What Games Work, what ones don’t, and a work around if possible. I will be adding a section at the bottom on the Virtual PC Console from Microsoft. Games will be added over time as I start pulling out my Library and as people post.

Become familiar with the Left Click, Properties, Compatibility portion of your Game. Some Games are easy enough that all you need to do is do the above on the .exe or shortcut and you can have a working game in no time. Start with XP then work your way down to 98 then 95.

Run as Administrator. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it needs to run in conjunction with the above Compatibility.

16 bit installation files do not run but sometimes the game will. Just because a game doesn’t install doesn’t always mean it won’t run. I’ve been able to fiddle around and copy over a game and have it run fine but other times a game will install and it won’t run at all.

DEP. This is going to be deep and if you load a virus I don’t want you to hold me responsible. Some really old games run in only a certain Memory Module. This could cause conflicts not allowing the game to run. Only do this for games you know do not contain a virus. Go to Computer, Properties, Advance System Settings, Advanced (should be there), Performance/Settings, Data Execution Prevention, now click add and find the exe.

Games that Run

Assasins Creed
Age of Empires III
Baldurs Gate II
Battlefield 2142
Call of Duty
Civilization IV
Command and Conquer: So far only The First Decade Version. Had issues with Red Alert Download.
Deus Ex: Had to use DEP.
FarCry II
Homeworld: Can run at base settings. Work in progress.
Lego Star Wars II
Maiden NFL 2008
Need for Speed: Underground
The Witcher
Warhammer 4k: Dawn of War
Warcraft III
World in Conflict
X3 Reunion

Did Not Run

Fallout 1 and 2
Freespace 2
Max Payne 1
Resident Evil 1
Tinkerbell’s Wonderful World of Joy
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