HELP! ASUS A7A266 and 2600XP Problem

I recently upgraded my CPU from a 1000 TBIRD to a 2600XP 266FSB. I have an ASUS ATA266 Motherboard wih 512 PC2100 Ram. According to ASUS website as long as I have rev # 1.10 Board and current Bios 1012.001 or higher it should work. The problem is I can only get the system to run if the clock speed is set to 1600 instead of 2133. When I set to the default clock speed 2133 in the bios and restart the sytem, It posts and brings me back to the bios saying incorrect clock speed. Can someone help me out here? It sucks to only get 1.6 ghz when I should get 2.13


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  1. Well I went back and tried the Jumper mode and switches with little success. Went back to the bios and set it to manual. Got the system to boot with a Mulplier setting and Frequency of 132/44. It reads as as 2.13gig and 266FSB when booted but system seems a little unstable. Is this wrong to set it like this? It should boot with the default setting but doesn't. When I set the frequesncy to 133/33 it will not boot. I am running a POWMAX 300 Watt power supply. Can that be the problem? An Asus tech says it might be the problem. My 12V rail is at 15A and he says that is boarderline. After all I was only running a 1GIG TBird before.

    Any more input would be appreciated!!


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