Who would buy a space sim that portrayed three dimensional combat

In 1992 Microprose released Task Force 1942 for DOS. It was a WWII naval sim. I liked it for the ability to run historic naval battles and make new choices and to see how different ships matched up.

What if someone published a space sim which had the ability to composed battles in space with real physics and the ability to have battles between not only fleets but two ships or any number in between? Also it should include the ability to build ships, upgrade weapons, sensors, armor, electronic warfare systems, and all that stuff. Of course, time compression would be a desirable feature.

If anyone is familiar with the David Weber series of novels in the Honorverse ("On Basilisk Station" was the first), something like his concept of space battle in normal space would be interesting to me.

The choice of how the graphics would be rendered would be critical. Naval engagements occurred from a few hundred yards to 40,000 yards. In a space sim combat ranges would be from a few kilometers to millions of kilometers.
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  1. There is a curious project in development which partly matches your description. Check out "Game Details" at this site: http://www.nanoverse-online.com/
  2. Are you talking about Homeworld? Or Sins?
  3. jay_l_a said:
    Are you talking about Homeworld? Or Sins?

    Neither use realistic physics/gravity. Frankly, it would be tedious and boring. :p
  4. X3: Reunion does a terrific job of 3D space combat.
  5. Eve-Online already does this; the speed your ship is moving determins the likelyhood an explosion will even make an impact. You can speed-tank some ships, as opposed to armor and shields.


    Granted, its not physics itself, just a simple math equation, but it counts...

    end EDIT

    EDIT 2

    As for ranges, I use Blasters and drones for <10k ranges, and Cruse Missles for >150K ranges (and run like hell if anything else gets in between...)

    Plus, everyone (except the communists in China :P) are on the same server, which is kinda cool really.

    Now with 100% more factional warfare! :D
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