Asus vs. MSI vs. Epox vs. Soltek vs. Chaintech

I currently own an Asus A7N8X, and while i have had absolutey no problems with it, many people have reported problems, so i am just wondering out of these nforce2 boards which would you take????

Asus A7N8X
AMD Athlon Xp 2700+ @ 2.3GHz
512Mb Corsair PC3000 Dual-Channel RAM
ATi Radeon 9700 Pro 340/330
3dmark2001se Score = 16117(default)
3dmark2003 Score = 5101(default)
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  1. I'd get EPoX 8RDA or Soltek SL-75FRN-L. It has everything I need (overclocking [PCI locked], 2-ch audio, ATA-133, Dual ch DDR400, performance) at a better price than the Asus/Abit MOBOs.
  2. I would personally opt for the Epox 8RDA+ for its supreme overclocking capabilities

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  3. I would buy ASUS A7N8X/MSI K7N2-L/Epox 8RDA. And I would stay away from the Chaintech board, since it does not have MCP-T audio and one of the slowest nForce2 mobos

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  4. To tell you the truth I would probably get LeadTek's version, I have very high respect for their company, as they make many products (like GPS systems, video serviellence/conferencing, etc...), and have been the best quality vendor in the video card market.

    I think they were one of the few vendors that included a northbridge fan.

    Or maybe Abit. I just saw an article speaking of Abit's dedication to making the best overclocking boards, because they insist on nothing but the highest quality capacitators (Rubycon ones from Japan).

    Alot of the problems with these boards come from the nForce 2 chipset itself, not which vendor you go with.


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  5. Don't trust them THAT far, the reason they switched to Rubycon is because they were one of the companies I exposed in the Jackon capacitor scandle. They're trying to clean up their image now, but what will happen in the future is anyone's guess.

    I prefer Abit for their warranty policy.

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