Which is ideal Windows for best performance for gaming?

Hi again!

Long time I have being wondering, which windows would be best possible for gaming?
My top priority is performance.

I have choises of:
Windows Vista Premium 64-bit (Finnish lang, bad choise on troubleshooting cases!)
Windows XP Professional 64-bit (Eng, good on that thing)
Windows XP Professional 32-bit (Eng, yeppee!)

What I am wondering:
1. 64-bit should be faster than 32-bit, ofcourse.
But: Are there many games as 64-bit?
2. Does 32-bit games and applications get any performance boost, if running on 64-bit system? (Thinking about system, drivers etc and etc what you would think :P)
3. Is there really something kernel-bug on 64-bit versions of windows?? -I heard from AMD forum that the kernel-bug might cause BSODs... -or is it fixed?
4. Will I get all drivers which I'll need on 64-bit systems..
5. What you'll say? :)

by sweaty hearth, <3 Thank you!

-ps. oops! It was sweety heart...
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  1. Heya,

    Either get Vista64 now, so you can actually use hardware (like RAM) to it's maximum, or sit on XP and wait until Windows 7 is released in 2009 Q4. The reason to not even bother with XP64 is because it doesn't support DX10. And since you want to GAME, the only option is the option that involves DX10 and higher. XP is never going to get DX10. That's MS's way of saying "you are forced to buy our new version of Windows."

    Vista64 after the SP1 is a great OS, if you didn't pay a ridiculous cost for it (which unfortunately, if you got it legal, WAS ridiculous costing). It has really good support and is on par with XP in performance.

    There's no reason to hang onto XP other than personal reasons (like me) or lack of money to buy a new OS. DX10 is in Vista. Vista64 is the only one that will let you use 4gigs and higher of RAM, which if you're gaming a lot, you'll want tons of (especially since it's so cheap now).

    So bite the bullet, get Vista64. Or, sit on XP and wait one more year for Windows Azure. Or limit what you play to what plays in Wine and enjoy Linux for free.

  2. XP (32-bit) is good overall for speedy performance and not weighed down by many of the things which slow down vista.

    XP 64-bit isn't really a great idea because support for it is poor overall since not many people use it and developers see it as being succeed by vista.

    Vista (64-bit) is good for modern gaming. As in fast, up to date hardware. Support is much better than it was a few months ago. Most bugs have been ironed out with the release of the service pack. The reasons why this makes a good choice is because it allows you to have above the ~3.5GB RAM limits in the 32-bit systems. Also is the addition of DirectX 10. But both of these will only be availed of with modern hardware.

    So, fast gaming computer = vista 64bit
    Slower computer = XP 32bit
    BTW, you won't see much performance gain going from 64bit to 32bit. In fact, by its nature, it uses up slightly more RAM than a 32bit OS.

    I'd imagine the language shouldn't be a problem. If you get an English version you should be able to use a Finnish product key (I think).

    So all in all, in answer to your questions,
    1. 64bit won't be faster, in general. There are a few 64 bit versions of games but they are also available in 32-bit. Most 32 bit games will work on a 64 bit system.
    2. Not really.
    3. I wouldn't be sure. There's always bugs but most of them get patched in time. A lot have been patched in SP1.
    4. Probably. Unless it's really old hardware.
    5. See above.
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