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I have a playstation 3, was just wondering what is the best Tv to purchase at this point for a playstation 3. is crt still the way to go or is lcd or plasma better? im thinking anything above 30" and staying under $2000.00 as much as possible is where i want to be
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  1. I'm sorry but I don't know dollars, still I will proceed :)

    CRT or the fat back as I describe it, are not HD and have a lower resolution, basically meaning a lower quality. They do show colours and the sharpness is nothing of a concern.

    LCD or Plasma is the way to go now. Depending on cash you will be looking for a full HD (or 1080p) television, 720p tv's are cheaper but less quality, I honestly don't see a huge difference, this is up to you. Try to look for the highest resolution, for example 1024x768 (is a little more than 720p, hence the 768) and this is usually used in small 19" LCD's. So preferrably look for 1080p as this will be future proof and better quality

    LCD or Plasma?
    Well it depends how far over 30" you're going, LCD can display upto 41" (I think...) and Plasma is anything from around 40" to 60, 100" and all sorts ;)

    I would look at LG, Samsung and maybe Sony, (depending on money) These are usually lower-cost and higher quality compared to other brands and Bravia being a customer fave. and if you're not too picky Hitachi may be another. If you see any please message me or post the TV and I will have a look for you. I got a Samsung 720p HDTV about 1yr and a half ago for about 759GBP. And it has an Xbox 360 sticker on it, and it had a special game mode where the screen didn't get burned-in and the sharpness and colours locked at special settings. I can honestly say comparing it to other TV's It was an amazing display.

    Hope I helped a little, if you're still stuck post another question on your thread.

  2. *****PS: Have you ever thought of a HD projector?*****

    Google it :)
  3. If you want a decent display under $2000 then you won't wanna look at projectors, as a good Full HD that doesnt have rainbow effects will cost you well over that. Otherwise I'd suggest going for a Samsung or Sony as to me they have the best image quality. deffinitely go for Full HD (1080p) if you want good quality and get the biggest size within your budget.

    LCD or Plasma?
    Plasma screens in my experiense are rather dull as they aren't bright and seem to have low contrasts. If you're going for quality, LCD is the way to go. This however depends on your needs because if you just want big then Plasmas are a lot cheaper and you'll be able to get 1 thats a lot bigger then the equivalent in LCD.

    ^^^Grant said that LCD's dont go over 41" but they most deffinitely do! So, if you're willing to spend a bit of extra $$$ then get a BIG LCD!
  4. Some of the new LED lit DLP TVs are pretty nice and are considerably cheaper than LCD and Plasma for the size, but are still capable of 1080p.
  5. yeah i was thinking about something between the 30" - 40" mark.

    LCD is the way to go? or LED?
    i heard that LG has the current best name for LCDs for its longest life or something, is this true?
  6. stickdiggler said:
    haha oh snap. i dont know how i ended up the the UK forums this time.

    sorry im from Canada lol
    I think just the first person to respond was from the UK, as I'm from the U.S. One of the TVs I use for my PS3 and 360 is a 65" 1080p Toshiba DLP I got for maybe $1400 about a year ago. While it's not a perfect TV, it handles resolutions lower than 1080p very well. The colors are pretty nice, and it generally seems to be pretty good overall. My DLP is a year old, so it is not LED back lit and suffers from screen glare during the daytime(my entertainment room has WAY too many windows), so I often play games on my smaller 1080p LCD during the day. Since you're likely using your PS3 to play games, I can tell you that most games don't support 1080p, and some won't even upscale it so having a TV that handles lower resolutions well is important. One game in particular looks noticeably worse on my LCD due to a grain filter the game has (and it can't be turned off) is Siren: Blood Curse but on the DLP it's barely noticeable. Between Plasma and LCD, I'd get LCD even though people often claim Plasma has higher quality black values. The price difference and maintenance free aspect of LCD makes it the better choice, and if you get a good LCD that's 120Hz and has a very high contrast ratio, I'm sure you'll be quite happy. Also, don't fall for the "dynamic contrast ratio" marketing bs, as some displays I've seen have noticeable lag when trying to changing the contrast automatically.

    Edit: If you're going for 30-40" LCD is definitely the best for you. LCD has become relatively cheap and has improved tremendously over the years.
  7. which manufacture makes the highest quality LCDs?
    which brand has the best picture and longest life?
    is lcd better then dlp?
  8. stickdiggler said:
    which manufacture makes the highest quality LCDs?
    which brand has the best picture and longest life?
    is lcd better then dlp?
    I wouldn't say one is really better than the other. DLP is typically used only in screens larger than 50" and is considerably cheaper than LCD at this size. One issue with DLP sets is the fact that they are much thicker than the typical LCD display. Colors, response times, and contrast ratios are usually pretty good on DLP(although not as good as Plasma) but LCD has gotten pretty good as of recent too. Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp, and Pioneer are usually pretty good to my knowledge. I'd avoid Toshiba as I've heard many cases of their TVs dying after 1 year. I purchased one of their DLPs about a year ago and the bulb died within the first week, so I quickly replaced it and it has been fine since. I also purchased the 32" Toshiba Regza 1080p with Cinespeed recently and have been very disappointed with some pretty bad ghosting in games. I'm currently waiting for a response from Toshiba, otherwise this thing is going back to newegg. It's a shame too because the colors look great, it has a good contrast ratio, as well as a ton of inputs.
  9. I was just looking at a gaming tv for my friend not to long ago. For a good gaming tv under 2000 look at the samsung LN46A650. Great tv good for gaming and movies as well.
  10. Samsung LE40A750 is good VFM!
  11. Hi!

    Both LCD and Plasma have advantages and disadvantages. Anyway you should buy 1080p/Full HD, a lot of games support it.
    If you only/mainly want to use the TV for gaming, I suggest LCD. It won't suffer from burn-in from the static HUDs and displays games usually have. Also it is clearly visible in both dark and bright environments (but you have to watch it from straight 90°)
    The size also matters: the diagonal of the TV should be 1/3-1/4 part of the distance you are watching it from. If the TV is over 40", I would choose plasma, they are better in bigger size. Also plasma is better in refresh rate, contrast, and black display.
    From LCD I would buy Samsung (i.g. UE46C7000) or LG (i.g LG 42LX6500) (you should consider LED types and 200Hz), for plasma my ultimate choice is Panasonic (i.g. TX-P46G...).

    As for myself: I got a Panasonic TX42S10E (42",1080p,400Hz) a year ago, I use it for TV, gaming, bluray, so really everything. One of my friends came over, and he said, it has a better picture than his 40" LG LCD Full HD TV. Even with PS3 and X360.

    For 2k$, I guess you will get a good quality TV you will be satisfied with for a long time
  12. Is UE46C7000 still best one?
  13. PHILIPS AUREA (LED +Ambilight) was the best tv utill 1 week a go, but when <<LED 3D TV>> (samsung) apears then every other HDTV has no more value.
    But for my opinion i would recomend to not by LED-HD-3D-TV now becouse MITSUBISHI HAS ANOUNCED A NEW 3D-TV without glases witch means you can see 3D-IMAGE WITHOUT wearing glases. The new TV witch will be realeased in few months it caledd:

    << LASER TV >>

    Witch means it will have 3 optical lazer cables "the red one, the blu one, and the green one" witch conclude 3 basic colors.
    For more info search on for: LASER TV

  14. Most people don't know any *** about tvs when they tell you CRT doesnt support HD.. There is some models from 2005-2006-2007 that were CRT HD. Supporting 1080 and hdmi inputs. Nevertheless, they didnt make it bigger than 38 ''... 9 pro gamers on 10 will tell you they prefer CRT because the last models used to support HD 1080 hdmi inputs and are way way faster in response time than any lcd or plasma. Plus you eyes don't burn as quicly is it would on lcd when constantly starring the screens... IF you can get your hand on a 2005-2006-2007 crt HD tv go for it, its 200-300 $ and its way better than any lcd or plasma for gaming.
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