Prince of Persia AA 4870

I installed The Sands of Time but AA doesn't work. The jaggies are noticeable even at 1600x1200.
I forced 2x, 4x even 8x through CCC but I see no ingame effect.

Is there any way to enable AA in this title?
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  1. It's not working in Warrior Within as well.
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  3. @pr2thej

    Not very constructive, but my absolute favourite IT crowd clip ever!
  4. I know, im an ass....i just couldnt resist :D
  5. Ah crap... now I have to watch The IT Crowd to get it...

    You are evil!
  6. Might not have solved my AA issue but at least I picked up a new fun series, 11 episodes to go...

    "Not the face... not the face..."
  7. makes me wonder whether I should go get PoP... never tried it before
    anyway, unless you try new (or maybe old?) drivers, restarting computer, and all the other things, then you may just have to live with it :(
  8. Grr... this is just like the suffering and their engine... no AA whatsoever. There are some happy cases though... like bloodrayne 2... where fixes are available.

    Good thing starting from dx 10.1 all games must support 4xAA.

    Anyway, if I fail to find a solution, I'll play the game as it is. I won't take any screen shots though...
  9. just googled it crowd. found it. cannot stop watching. damn you to hell.
  10. last post of mine off topic, sorry.

    Erm is there a patch/update from game makers.
  11. None of the PoP games have any patches.
    The developers did a good job I guess.

    AA probably works on other cards or with older drivers.
    There were many that complained that water effect got screwed when using AA in Sands of Time.

    I think I'd take AA over water effects.

    This is an interesting post, but I don't have an Nvidia card to test nhancer.
  12. Well at least it's working in The Two Thrones (it's an ingame setting)
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