Wrath of the Lich King !

Didn't see any threads on Lich king....

which is likely going to blow all competition out of the water come thursday!

personally.. with something as big as the newest WoW expansion... I'm probably less likely to be very interested in starcraft 2 since i'm going to be too busy making corpses explode with my death-knight.

but hey, blizzard is without a doubt at the top of the gaming industry.

I think the pricing could be a little better though, it is an expansion afterall - and i just got the battlechest 2-3 weeks ago so i could have burning crusade.
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  1. For me the price is where it should be.

    I am amazed at the inbalance in PvP since patch 3.0.2 was released, apparantly the extra 10 talent points will balance the game much more.
    There are some things that just stagger me though.

    -----WoW Speak-----

    Apparantly Ret palas have been nerfed....i can still die before the initial 6sec stun wears off and as a rogue i cannot beat a half decent one.
    Mages do way too much damage and are pretty much destroying any class with a 3 button combo that can do 8-9k in a few seconds.
    Warriors Bladestorm is too short a cooldown for what it is, consider its a better spell than the Warrior 30min cooldowns and you see the problem.
    Rogue 51 point talents: No one uses Hunger For Blood, Killing Spree is a very small damage boost for an end talent and Shadowdance is horribly bugged.
    Hunters need MAJOR buffing (i dont play one)
    Feral druids and Prot warriors doing more damage than Rogues should never happen

    -----End WoW Speak-----

    These are just the things i notice as a Rogue. I really hope the level 80 PvP isnt as bad, i only play for PvP nowadays and its not been fun at all post patch.
  2. On your marks!
    Get set!
  3. Heya,

    $15 a month I'm not spending.

    Clearly, I'm not a fan. And I played enough to have a lvl60 Paladin. I never felt like I played such a pointless game considering how long it takes to actually get through that game. Basically only worth while for the pvp, and it's bogus, GuildWars for free has better pvp. For the single player adventurers, it's something they can do for months on end, but frankly, I will never ever collect a bunch of hides, teeth or whatever else retarded junk they ask for to get a quest reward.


    Very best,
  4. malveaux said:

    $15 a month I'm not spending.

    Very best,

    i hear yah man...

    but think about it..

    for a lot of people that play WoW...thats the only game they play(i am not one of 'them')

    but thats $15 a month ($13 for some) for that game, which they play about 20hrs a week(on average i think)

    so thats $39-$45 every three months...thats just like getting a new game, cheaper actually.

    and i bet there are a lot of shooter and singleplayer fans out there that do buy almost every game out there that gets one solid review.

    All in all, i would say that the gamers are definitely getting their moneys worth

    especially with all of the new content being added and patches and such..

    As for itadakimasu,

    i can not wait bro.

    but i think ill just get my lvl 70 BM huntard to 80 and wait to make a DK..

    yeah i want one... but i just can not wait to see the ridiculous number of people who make one. Doing quests for them will be such a bitch.

    I mind as well just hit 80 get some gear then slow it down and just lvl a DK to 80..
  5. As a person who rolled a Shaman as soon as TBC came out i can tell you that DK area will be unplayable for about 2 days.

    After that people will go back to their mains to experience the new content, rather than play through the old stuff again.

    I wonder how it will work for horde / alliance on PvP servers, when they have the same start location? :o
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  7. In response to pr2thej's comments on classes:

    Hunter's actually tend to top damage meters in end-game raiding granted this is around t5/t6

    As far as prot warriors out dpsing rogues this is due to the lack of skill on a rogue's part and is not about prot being OP (it was unclear in your post whether your had a problem with prot changes)
  8. im thoroughly enjoying wotlk atm!

    i was doubtful it would make the game much better but after a 3/4 months gap having tried many other games i couldnt resist coming back and i dont regret it!

    i do agree with the lack of a decent rogue 51 point talent compared to other classes BUT rogue were pretty OP anyway so its just gonna mean some tweeking of your gameplay. I quite like the killing spree move but its not really viable for pvp because of the amount of points you would "waste" in pve talents in the combat tree.

    i fought warriors and pallys when i cam back a week or two ago and even though pallys got nerfed the one i foguth three times made a mockery of my rogue although he is major undergeared atm. same with a full s4 warrior that took me down in a matter of seconds but again im lacking gear big time.

    The new content looks great and even though ive levelled three 70s im not bored of getting mine to 80 although it took 3/4 days for one level due to time constraints!

    It does highlight the "no life" aspect of the game when after just 3/4 days there are already level 80s which is frighteningly fast.

    life>wow people! cmon!

    Id recommend to anyone old or new!
  9. and a side comment on the "im not paying for a subscription" issue raised above.

    WoW is not like any xbox/ps3 games. One of my best mates used to be a die hard wow player and no longer plays. he goes through maybe 2-4 xbox games per month where as i go through the same two! cod4 and WoW!

    he cant help asking how wow is and sneaking peeks at my screen on laptop even though he has just bought the latest 360 game.

    If your the type that couldnt stand playing one game then ya the small monthly fee would be costly but for me its great! roll on 72!
  10. Zstratto said:
    In response to pr2thej's comments on classes:

    Hunter's actually tend to top damage meters in end-game raiding granted this is around t5/t6

    As far as prot warriors out dpsing rogues this is due to the lack of skill on a rogue's part and is not about prot being OP (it was unclear in your post whether your had a problem with prot changes)

    Clearly you havent played since 3.0.2 ;)

    Hunters never topped T6, i led a guild through SWP and we had one Survival specced for the buffage.
    Prot warriors are indeed doing insane Dps, admittidly i overexaggerated but they sure aint far off toppin out Rogues!
  11. Ding 72! lol

    i did get out dps'ed by a prot the other day on my ud rogue. i was outgeared and not even focused so im hoping that wont be a regular occurance. My old rogue usually topped dps, occasionally being beaten by a hunter but he again had more experience at raiding and better gear.

    roll on 73!
  12. cant believe predator is nearing 79 as a death knight! just seen his msn tag :S

    scary amount of playing!
  13. delsaber said:
    ...scary amount of playing!

    You took the words right out of my keyboard.
  14. delsaber said:
    cant believe predator is nearing 79 as a death knight! just seen his msn tag :S

    scary amount of playing!

    There are already several 80 dk's out there.
  15. promac said:
    There are already several 80 dk's out there.


    I love the game and at one point a while back was pretty addicted with many hours being ploughed in but it seems nothing compared to some.

    Someone in my guild said one of the first 80s on our server said he had an hour per nights sleep. fine if your an insomniac but id be ill if i got that much sleep 2/3+ nights in a rowe. lol
  16. The current level 80 PvE content was cleared quite a few days ago now.

    No the prot thing isnt a regular occurence, and yes im undergeared as well :p
    Still sucks, as i hit the sods for 200 crits, and i get 2-3k back.
  17. well on my old rogue (pre scam - s3 ud rogue). used to work most times. Just havent pvped much since being back. worked in a few 1v1s but not against the full s4 but with 35 resi i wasnt expecting much. lol.

    Garrote>evasion>shiv (crippling)>rupture once a few cps have built up>move about 5 yards away (this is awsome when it works as the warrior is out of melee range but not far enough for him to charge/intercept) and you should get chance to restealth UNLESS he has been clever enough to throw blade/axe etc.

    After all that it should be easy win cos warriors down to 50-70% health and usually im still full or near enough.

    Not sure if this will still work
  18. forgot to add that when you are moving away after the shiv most warriors will still try and catch you and some will move back to try intercept so just go slowly where he goes and keep the 5 or so yards between you until you can restealth.
  19. Kiting a pro warrior between the 5-8 Yd deadzone never works....he just turns round and walks the other way :D
    Post 3.0.2 heres my strat...it requires about a minute of 1v1 time though so sucks in places like AV and EoS

    CS>KS>Dismantle>Evasion>Vanish>Sap(diminished returns)>CS>KS>Blind>Restealth>Sap>CS>KS>Dismantle after a few secs.
    If he aint dead then theres a serious gear gap. This worked on S3/4 with me as a lowly Green/Blue with S2 daggers

    After all this i can literally hear the Warrior screaming how OP Rogues are from Brazil or wherever he is

    Usually when a warrior comes out of the first set of stuns he will go for his Bladestorm aka I.W.I.N. Button, its pretty funny to watch em waste their most OP move when they have no wep equipped :D
  20. good point. next time ill try dismantle. ive been back such a short while i forgot rogues now even have that ability! lol

    are you on a pvp server?

    my current chars on a normal one which is great when questing but seems so much quieter and tougher to get groups than the previous pvp servers i have been on.
  21. Yes i am on Bloodfeather PvP Alliance, but since leaving my SWP Guild on Alonsus when 3.0.2 hit (2 years of end game is enough for me!) im kinda in limbo as to what i want to do in Wrath.
    Dont really know anyone on Bloodfeather, so i might level on Horde Twilight Hammer, or xrealm to Ally Laughing Skull where i got some mates.
    You can now xrealm PvE to PvP now btw if you didnt know

    P.S. Dismantle will get nerfed for sure, 1min CD is really overpowered.
  22. I think one of my old 70s was on bloodfeather. I had heard the cross realm types thing. I might wait til 80 before i swap realms. If bronzedragon flight is how it is now at 80 then theres no way ill stay.

    Very few groups and seems so quiet most of the time. before wotlk i was outside orgrim looking to get some duelling in and it was empty at 11pm or so. on vashj and other pvp realms groups were not as bad and everywhere was always busy!

    im a bit surprised they gave rogues the boost against warriors but i suppose thats a good skill vs DKs, Pallys and other rogues too.

    I think id rather swap for a skill like the DKs that has chance to remove HoTs as would be killer vs druids.

    Alots changed in a few months. fought a decent geared shammy and couldnt get him below half health. I think they have a new instant heal or something but then i never understodd shammys anyway really!

    all the mages now seem to be arcane! but with cloak of lol, lolcloak or whatever the kids renamed it too they are not too bad.

    only half way to 73 so will be christmas by time i ding 80 at this rate!
  23. Remove hots - HfB 51 pt assassination physical
    Cloak of Skills as well ofc for faerie fire, etc

    I was gona say, ive not lost to a shammy yet as long as i keep control :p
    My main PvE toon was a enh shammy, i know them very well.
    The self heal you speak of is called Maelstrom Weapon, its the 45-50 Pt talent, requires 5/5 and allows an instant heal chance on melee hit. Its reactive so the Shammy has to click the button (ofc he cant if CC'd)

    Since the spellpower change, self healing dpsers have been buffed so the heal will hit for 2-3k at 70. Still combining the warrior techniques there shouldnt be a prob.

    For extra lol's dismantle a Huntard and watch him jump around like a moron without his bow :D
    Arcane mages are insane in pvp, as the 51pt talent is instant cast that does 2500-4k damage on a 3 sec cooldown.
    I think mages at the mo have the answer to anything. Openers are a real dilemma. If i KS they blink. If i ambush the resi reduces the damage to a tickle. If i Garotte, rupture then they Ice Block.
    Catch em after a blink, or Iceblock though and its easy money

    I still havent bought wotlk....slacker :o
  24. oh lol, remove hots from the target....im thinking of self removing dots with HfB >.<
  25. ah right. Ye i meant the DKs skill to be able to remove a HoT from the target. dont remember what its called but sounds pretty good.

    Still lots of DKs around but im starting to see fewer. Bit of a novelty to some i think.

    I need to be able to work from home like i used to so i can get some decent hours put in cos at the moment im not getting many at all! (gf+work+going out = No wow time!)

    At least rogues getting some rested tho :D
  26. I just realised you are in Nightfall Battlegroup which is the same as my old server. Dont spose you ever remember seeing anyone from Xanadu of Alonsus?

    DK's will become increasingly prevalent due to the headstart which is pishy as they have high armor and magic resistance so its unclear which is their anticlass as yet.
  27. no i havent seen anyone in that guild because i only bought the account recently as a mate is on this server.

    Old account got scammed and he pursuaded me to start again but after partially levelling a troll to 30 ish i couldnt take it anymore and went for this account. Ive done 3 chars to 70 so i deserve it. lol

    I used to be on the pvp battlegroups (vashj, ragnaros etc).

    Im thinking about getting my mate to move servers with me though because i just dont like this one. far too quiet and never seen a server lacking tanks as much as this one. got a tank for an instance the other day and he was the most arogant player ive ever met but no-one said anything cos tanks are demi-gods on BDF server! lol

    im assuming Northrend is contested territory? i may just switch once im at 80 otherwise ill end up pvping instead of questing.

    Im very much liking northrend so i would advise a purchase if you gonna stick to wow
  28. Yea ill pick it up Monday.
    Northrend is contested, as a pro horde killer im going to be starting in Borean Tundra :D
    I cannot see how you can level without PvP....it really breaks up the grind, so much so that im always PvP flagged on PvE servers as well. Each to their own though.

    By nature tanks are arrogant...its part of the playstyle i like to think. I used to have a T5 capable warrior tank and playing on that i was generally more of a jerk than usual. I think its because Tanks are the focal point of the whole raid - Healers number 1 target, all dps constantly watching Omen....everyone is always watching the Tank!!

    The zone of Wintersgrasp functions like the old school Silithus, EPL in that the whole zone is an extended BG. Also all PvE players will get auto flagged when they pass through it....i cannot wait :D
  29. Ye i do like a bit of world pvp but when its taking me sooo long for a level or two i need to focus on the grind. lol. i think deep down i want a bit of pvp though and will be great with eveyone having similar gear for a while too.

    I agree tanks should be the boss and a bit arrogant thats why i couldnt be one. Im more of a "do what im told" player i think. This guy wasnt just arrogant though, he was a complete c**kmuncher! i said "anyone ever done a run with a pally tank called *****" and within seconds they were shouting out the abusive names he is also known as. Infamous on BDF server apparantly so i wasnt alone in thinking it. hehe

    got my new pc upgraded for cod and wow so its running better than ever before for me and its surprising how much more fun i find it running 60+ fps at max settings rather than 30fps at min settings!

    Just really badly want a decent flatscreen to run it on!

    trying to figure out a way to run it from my pc but on my laptop screen (has a 20.1" crystalbrite display" but after a bit of tinkering it just doesnt want to do it. Ill play about again over the wknd if i can stopping grinding
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