New a7n8x sytem windows xp crashing

Does anyone have any ideas as to why my system is crashing, here are the details:

Ordered new system, components are:
Asus A7N8X (regular, not deluxe)
Athlon XP 2400+
2 x 512MB Kingston PC2700 DDR CL2.5
GeForce3 Ti 200 Video card (from old system)
Sound Blaster Live! (from old system, onboard audio disabled)
Maxtor 80GB HD
Antec TruePower 380

I installed XP (Professional) onto my new system from scratch to make sure 98 didn't mess anything up :). That went fine, everything installed properly, it detected most things properly.

I installed the nForce2 drivers that came on the CD with the motherboard (CD says revision 44.02).

Now, my system crashes semi-randomly. All drivers are either XP default, or at least certified. I have installed all Windows Updates from MS (including SP1, was included on CD). If I am playing a game, I tend to get the blue screen of death, which is sometimes followed by an immediate reboot before I can even read the message.

When left overnight, my system tells me there was an error, and after I submit the bug report, it tells me it's a device error (How reliable are the MS assessments?).

I have reseated the AGP card. I ran a full test on the memory for an hour, it passed perfectly. The video and audio cards are from my old system, so I do not suspect a problem with them. Any ideas? I'm thinking it's a motherboard problem, but I'm not sure.


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  1. Try DISABLING the onboard audio in Bios setup - Integreated peripherals section...
    Both the Onboard Adion and the Soundblaster won't work toghther!!
  2. The onboard audio is already disabled from the BIOS.

  3. I have not had any problems with the 2.03 version drivers on the Nvidia website. I would uninstall the existing Nforce2 drivers from the "Add/Remove Programs" and then install the new drivers to see if that helps. Also, what version BIOS are you running?

    You know that the onboard audio of your A7N8X is far superior to your SB Live right? I probably wouldn't even be using my Audigy if I didn't have the Livedrive.

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  4. Oh yeah, did you happen to write down what the device error was? The crap it throws up on the screen can actually be useful sometimes.

    <font color=purple>AMD XP 2200+, A7N8X Deluxe, 512mb PC3200 Corsair XMS DDR, Geforce3 Ti-500, Audigy Platinum, TDK 48x CDRW, Lite-On 16x DVD, XP Pro SP1, and more neon than a ghetto sled </font color=purple>
  5. Try running it with 1 stick of ram for a while. Also, make sure you are not overclocking it until you get it stabalized.

    Could be your video. Try another card. Ti 200 is a 1.5 volt?

    Microsoft doesn't do any sort of competent job analyzing the problem. Every time I have ever submitted any report to them the return is always the same report you got from them.

    I have taken time over the years to look up problems on microsoft's site to find specific causes to blue screen errors and to date I have found only 1 where they actually identified the cause. My digging at the problem solved most of the others, so it has become obvious to me that microsoft is essentially lost when it comes to recognizing, reporting and solving end-user problems through the blue screens.

    I've also never seen a database of errors from blue screens organized in any fashion (or in any fashion).
  6. i totally agree with the notion that the error codes are a lot more usefull than we tend to think so see what the error codes are in your system when it crashes they are exactly on the line which says something like this
    see it and write it down then go to the site and punch in your error codes and then you will have to find out from the results what oyur symptoms are i am being elaborative not just coz of you but anybody who reads this can get this
    then try to remove your sound card it is not at all comparable to the onboard audio
    best of luck

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    so enjoy life but!!!!!!
  7. I have heard that, but I can't get 4 channel audio out of the onboard audio, just stereo, and I miss my rear channels, so I reinstalled my old SB Live =).


    Bios is 1002, fresh from the Asus site.

    Is there a way to get the rear channels out of the thing? I have 5.1 speakers, but have never been able to get sound out of the back using the S/PDIF output because sound cards don't encode the sound for that connector, they just pass it on from another source. If you know how to get it to work, let me know =)

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  8. Nope, sorry, I didn't, and my event view isn't showing it. Actually, my event view threw up last time I tried to view it after a crash. Basically, it told me my system log was corrupted, and it hasn't crashed again since, so I don't have any logs of any errors.

    I recently disabled write caching on my HD as well, that probably caused a few problems.

    I ran 3DMark2001 last night for over 12 hours and it seemed to work just fine, so I'm hoping I may have fixed it. I'm going to leave a memory test program run all night tonight and check over that just to be sure.

    I also tried disabling AGP 8X and AGP Fast Write in my bios, not sure if that may have helped either, any know if the GeForce3 Ti200 is compat with fast write?

  9. Unfortunately not. My point is that microsoft's support system does NOT provide answers to the problems. As a company that develops and supports the OS they need to extensively outline how to investigate, how to identify, and how to resolve. This does not happen and over the past 20 years it has never happened from microsoft.
  10. Did you install SP1 before or after you installed your motherboard drivers, i mean.. did you read the manual and the cd and follow directions?
  11. There is a known XP/2000 issue where AMD processors can lock up on some 3d video applications.

    The first step is to go into your System appy and turn off the Auto-Reboot. That will let you see the BSOD when it happens. Right click My Computer, select properties, then advanced, then Startup and Recovery. Uncheck the Auto Restart option.

    The correction seems to be a small registry change:

    Click start then run type REGEDIT and click OK.
    Path your way into:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

    Then either add or edit the DWord value:
    LargePageMinimum and set it to FFFFFFFF (hex).

    This fixed it on my system and several others I've worked on.

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  12. Hi I'm having a problem like yours. Whenever I play some sort of game either pinball or neverwinter it will crash in about 5-10 minutes. My computer just hangs for 5 seconds and shuts off. Teq, is this the problem you had??
  13. Can you make it more clear what to do when you say:
    Then either add or edit the DWord value:
    LargePageMinimum and set it to FFFFFFFF (hex).
    I'm not use to win xp and not quite understanding what you mean. Thanks!
  14. Run a memtest, and see what happens. Sounds like your ram has been fried.

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  15. If my ram is fried then I have bad luck with Corsair. I've already had to rma a stick. I just got the new stick about 3 weeks ago and haven't messed with any of the settings and my system worked fine until yesterday. I ran memtest about a week ago for 5 hours and there were no errors.
  16. This is what it says in my error log:
    The Software Cinemaster NT4.0 Driver service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified.
    This is logged after I get a shutdown, possibly a clue to the problem???
  17. Cinemaster is the software for a DVD decoder card?
  18. Your Ti200 is compatible with fastwrite, and disabling 8x AGP most likely the fix, as it only uses AGP 4X. Making 8X available was probably screwing with your card and causing the problems.
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