Which is the bigger upgrade? Wotlk In Mind

Ok so I am thinking it's time to spend a little dough on the pc and upgrade it for Wrath of the Lich King.

I am thinking either go for an ATi 4850 video card or go new AMD Phenom 9950 2gb ram and mother board

My current pc is as follows.
AMD 64 +3000
2gb DDR PC400 Ram
DVD Burner
400 GB Hard Drive SATA
Nvidia 8600 GTS OC video card. PCI Express

I am leaning toward the mother board, cpu ram but maybe the video card would net a greater immediate result?

What do you think?
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  1. WoW isn't particularly graphically demanding, but it is very demanding of cpu and memory at times, so you would be much better off upgrading the mobo CPU and RAM imo.
  2. Does my choice of upgrade seem solid or is there an Intel upgrade for a similar price that would be better?
  3. Buy a 4850 now as an 8600 is pretty much suck. And then build a new PC later. Youll have a nice card to bring into that machine later.
  4. a 4850 is better but ur cpu is too much of a bottle neck. might as well get a new system then swap the 8600 later
  5. I think you're choice of processor is fine, AMD may not compete with intel in top performance, but they are always great for value, and atm that processor is on offer with a mobo for $45 off on newegg, so it seems a good choice.
  6. Sorry i meant to add, I think it is pretty much on par with intel Q6600, which I think cost's slightly more. (not counting the offer with the AMD one)
  7. Thanks all I ended up going with the following:

    E8400 Duo Core Processor
    Asus P5Q SE2 Mother Board
    2 Gigs of Corsair DDR2 Corsair Ram

    So far I'm noticing a huge difference. I plan to upgrade video next but for now it is alot faster then what it was.

    I paid 310 including tax for the above and have 50 in mail in rebates coming to me to like 250 after i get them back.

    How did I do?

  8. Heya,

    You could have spent over $100 less by going for an AMD6000+ (3.1ghz dual core). Performs every bit as good, frankly. Especially if all you're doing is playing WoW and some other games. Your Videocard was fine for WoW, so doing the whole mobo/CPU/RAM upgrade was a good move; the videocards will come down in cost over the next months anyways. Since you already have an 8600, the next logical step for your money would be a gtx260 (they're coming down lower and lower in cost). So just hang onto your seat for a while.

  9. I play WoW on a 4850, its massive overkill...not really worth the cash for that game alone.

    AB and EoS very very pretty though :D
  10. would get a 4850 or 4870 over the gtx260 as the next step
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