DDR2 RAM $60, and Wireless Keyboard/Mouse $40 x2

Need these gone quick:

3x2x2gb DDR2 800MHz (1 set is Samsung, the other Hynix, but are all the same type) $60 shipped for each SET (4gb). $120 shipped for both sets (8gb). $180 shipped for all three sets. (12gb)

They are *BRAND NEW* never been used by me. Play all your games, do all your encoding, and do it super fast!

2x Wireless Keyboard AND Mouse (wireless usb adapter included ofc). $40 shipped for each set. $80 shipped for both sets.

They are almost brand new, used 1-2 weeks. And should come with batteries. Multimedia keyboard with volume rotator, play/pause/next music buttons and numpad.

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  1. updated bump, malmental has yet to respond regarding anything.
  2. Is the ram still available? I am interested in 1 or 2 sticks. Also, I have some to trade if you are looking for ECC memory instead. I'll be posting it today.
  3. Not interested in trade, but 2 sticks are left. One is a Samsung and the other Hynix I believe. They are same speed, and size. They will work just fine togethor. It's like buying Brand'o'flakes and Wheaties, same dam thing, just different names (besides a lil' taste difference.)'

    $60 shipped in the 50 states. Out of states, you pay for shipping (+ the $60).
  4. Decided to go with 2x1Gb modules on Newegg. Couldn't find anyone who got 2Gb card to work on my machine machine, and I am running 32-bit OS. Best of luck. Seems like these should be scooped up because no one is selling them cheaper anywhere right now.
  5. A 5 week sidetrack. And for the price I mentioned it twice already. Please read.
  6. kennyparker1337 said:
    A 5 week sidetrack. And for the price I mentioned it twice already. Please read.

    Please mention it in the subject line of the thread as per the rules.
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