Oblivion lighting issues

hey guys. I'm have a strange problem with the lighting effects in Oblivion. At a distance everything looks great, but as you get closer to objects or walls all the color gets washed out and the light becomes over exposed.

I have attempted reinstalling the game, but that didn't seems to fix anything. I have also downloaded the latest patches; including the unofficial ones.

I have also turned off both HDR and Bloom effects so see if that would change anything and it didn't :/

So i was hoping i could pick ya'lls could help me figure this out.

thanks :)
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  1. has it ever worked correctly on your system? Have you made hardware changes since it last worked correctly?
  2. Yeah it has worked flawlessly the past year and a half until recently. I have made several hardware changes, but it had never been an issue in the past.
  3. i'm beginning to think my game save file has gone corrupted in some way. Do you think that could be a possibility?
  4. no delete the oblivion.ini file in your my documents\mygames \oblivion directory, then when you next restart oblivion reset all your graphics options and see if that fixes it.
  5. sorry that didn't work either :/ I have other games on my system and none of them seem to be effected in the way that oblivion has. :/
  6. oblivion was doing something similar to that for me after changeing from a 8800gtx to a 4870 I reinstalled 6 times, trying various uninstallation methods, various patches etc etc, eventually the ini file seemed to fix it, as it isnt removed and replaced when uninstalling oblivion...

    For me though it was just certain textures that had serious lighting issues. swords shields armour and eyes had really over lit textures...

    Which version of oblivion are you patched up to?

    have you tried deleteing the ini file and running the game without resetting all your options? just delete the file and run it with default settings (including resolution)

    It wont be the save gave itself, they dont hold lighting information. Ive done serious meddling with the game texture packs, models all sorts the save games are very resilient, hold very little actual information, you can replace the teture and mesh for something that is being used in the save game and then start the game and the object will use the new stuff straight away no issues, the same goes in reverse if you use a save game that previously had a modified item when you remove the mod the game will load the default version when you load your saved game. In fact the save game can even deal pretty well with removing items which are unique to mods, for example I can own mehrunes razor - exclusive to the official mod, if I open a saved game on an installation with the mod it causes no issues the item just doesnt appear in my inventory! but the saved game itself still works.
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