SiS/Via with Win98 (not SE)

Would anyone with experience with these boards and the original Windows 98 OS verify whether these boards work with the feature set (sound, NIC, etc).

The reason I'm asking is we've had some problems with the A7N266-vm boards and the ASUS driver set for the nforce chipset. Sometimes our customers are sticklers about their OS and forcing them to upgrade isn't an option. Since there were issues with the nforce chipset and the original Windows 98 I need to verify that the SiS and/or VIA versions of the ASUS boards are do-able.


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  1. I know lots of people running SiS 735/745 chipset boards without problems on 98SE, I don't know of anyone still running 98FE.
    VIA on the other hand has never made a chipset stable enough to run properly under 9x, the VIA chipset systems that do run stable under 9x are purely coincidental (dumb luck).

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  2. When you can, you can try to get them to buy a student version of the OS. Universities provide a hefty discount of the OS's. MSFT is kind of trying to screw people as of late, but you should be able to get OS's from $20-$60-$99 depending on the situation and school.

    If they're students or have a student in the family it's worth the upgrade from a sorry OS like 98fe.

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