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Got a question guys that I need some advice on..

My BB signal is utter $hite where I am, I'm not in a cabled area either. I went into to Vodafone today to talk to them about using a mobile broadband signal via my laptop to connect.

The guy in the shop said it was a bad idea since the data transfer rates would mean even the largest tariff of up to 7Gb a month wouldn't suffice..

I'm not as a heavy an online gamer as I used to be but I miss multiplayer GoW2!!! I'm really pi$$ed off about it and I'm considering moving, sad I know

Anybody using mobile bb to connect?

From research I know Vodafone are better than most since they leave a lot of ports open so you don't get stuck with strict NAT...

Any advice greatly received :fou:
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  1. The only company that doesn't spank you for usages is T-Mobile. Their FUP on the standard contract is 3Gb per month, and they'll tell you off for the 1st month if you break that. 2nd month they'll send you another letter, and limit your speed. The 3rd month they'll drop your speed, and it'll stay there until you upgrade to the 7Gb package.

    All of the others charge small fortunes if you go over the limits. Also, for gaming, it's not the speed, it's the latency that will effect you. Latency on those things is terrible. I use mine for browsing and a little media streaming, but that is all.
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