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I thought I'd make a L4D countdown thread in case everyone was as excited as I am to play the game :kaola: I personally can't wait to start playing as an infected. Already got my geek snacks (Chips, beer, and coke) ready for my L4D Geek Night... THESE ARE GREAT TIMES TO BE A PC GAMER :lol:

Approximately 54 to 58 hours left until game release. (Depends if you trust Valve or the Steam counter, since they stated it'll be out at 12:01AM EST, but Steam counter says 4AM EST)
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  1. I know what you mean :na: I'm tired of L4D forums "Game is too easy", "Melee is overpowered", and the classic TF2 rant "Demo is OP".

    I really want to see them take two tanks + hordes of infected + smokers/boomers/hunters on expert in the finale, see if it's THAT easy to survive.
  2. i've played the demo and i don't get wats so good about the game. The graphics aren't that great, theres no iron sights and the game just feels really unrealistic.
  3. Don't mean to sound snobby or elitist, but I prefer games without iron sights, as some have said "Iron sights are a crutch for the unskilled", it provides "unrealistic" zoom and dead-on accurate shots. The game wouldn't work with the use of those anyway, since the gameplay is too frantic.

    Source engine looks great on every new iteration, it looks very neat to me using 8x AA and it makes use of some great effects, either way, not every game has to be the next crysis and whatever graphical shortcomings Valve may have in their games compared to others, they make up for it in gameplay quality and support. (Something every other company lacks)

    The game isn't supposed to be realistic or even trying to be, IT'S A ZOMBIE GAME! Don't think I have to elaborate anymore on this point.

    This game is just like TF2 and CSS, some people may not like it, but for 98% of the people out there this is an amazing game. I know that this game deserves a GOTY award based solely on the demo, but knowing those award sites, it's probably going to go to some crap like COD WAW (COD4 = good game, treyarch's 2nd attempt at COD = no thanks) , GOW 2, or the like.
  4. ^ A crutch for the unskilled is quite the overstatement. There are some drawbacks using the sights, like decreased speed to look. Of course you're going to be more accurate if you put the gun up to your shoulder and look down the sight rather than shoot from the hip, but even so most games have very little difference in accuracy from iron sights to without iron sights. However, most games that do iron sights do it really badly, except for the COD games. This game does go better without them for the most part since you are being attacked by hordes of zombies.

    As far as the game goes, I think it's a $20 game. It's very repetitive, reminds of Pain Killer and Serious Sam in that you just keeping getting attacked by hordes of enemies. It does look fun on co-op, but I'll probably never play it that way. The single player got old on me after playing the demo twice. I agree that the graphics are good and the game is well polished, but I'm just not into horde games.
  5. 30+ hours till I actually play the full game.
  6. I played the demo last night. 4 hours later lol I ordered my full copy on steam. Gawd how I now wish I could take back CoD V. Not that it is a bad game ... but I still play CoD IV and TF2 ... with L4D out ..... I might as well put my CoD V on craigslist and get it over with.

    Most of my buddies are excited to get L4D, we are all in our early to mid 30's and grew up on Co-OP play on the LAN playing Doom, Doom II, Duke Nuke'em, Blood and Quake. Finally get a game that is CO-OP again rocks!.

    Good thing I finished Fall Out 3 this weekend lol.
  7. less than 12 hours left.
  8. darthvaderkenneth said:
    i've played the demo and i don't get wats so good about the game. The graphics aren't that great, theres no iron sights and the game just feels really unrealistic.

    I think the game was meant to be as realistic as TF2. Obviously you did not use the sniper rifle. It is meant to be fast paced and action packed. I don't think the game was meant to be GRAW 3 with dead people. But its a matter of taste, and I guess you are just lacking in that department. Don't worry, it comes with age. :D
  9. emp said:
    less than 12 hours left.

    I wonder if they will pull a STALKER CS and release it at 12PM and not at 12AM. I made the mistake of waiting until after midnight only to find out that the game was not released until 12 hours later. Thank you STEAM!
  10. Is it released on Steam yet? The forest map any fun?
  11. Death toll? Yeah VERY Fun. (It was released last night at 12:01AM EST)

    One thing I must tell you, there's no comparison between the Demo and the full game :)
  12. Good to hear.. anyway, EB games didn't get their order.. again.

    Oh yay, another NFS!!111one.

    Guess i'll be going to see Quantum of Solace to pass the time I should be killing zombies at!
  13. lol too all those people who think the game is too easy they should try on expert. Try setting the horde off and getting away from that lot lol. I was almost running up the stairs at the end of the level the other nite, lagging a bit behind to cover wounded team mates when... BAM im snatched by a smoker and pwned right at the end. Thats what the game is all about, I love it!
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