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Hey toute le monde.
I'm not much into the whole online gaming, and I do not have a LAN connection, but I've always really enjoyed the coop modes available on consoles. I have a PC and was recently stoked when I found out that COD5 will have a coop mode where both players can play on one pc (split screen mode kind of deal). I was wondering if there are any other games that have this feature. I've looked but can't find any ones that don't require a LAN. Can anyone help me out?
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  1. L4d has split screen for pc but u hav to hav one mouse/keyboard and one xbox 360 controller/similar for the other guy. or u buy a console
  2. L4d?
  3. Left4Dead, by Valve. Looks exceptionally promising (especially for LAN parties!!!)
  4. CoD5 is another one with coop, but not nearly as good as Left4Dead

    ...Actually not even close
  5. You can play most RTS's in teams (i.e. co-op).

    Worked pretty well in AoE2, I recall. :)
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