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Hello everyone.
I have a problem playing warhead. After about 20 min into the gam without problems or glitches, the computer just freezes and needs hard reset to come back. I have a gigabyte GA EP43 with a pentium 5200 OCed to 3,5Ghz at 1,45Vcore and 2 GB of supertalent running stock. My 4870 is not OC'ed and I have modded the fans so it runs fine. The GPU reaches max temp of 65 which is ok and the CPU has a max of 55-56C which isn't bad, right?? So why is my system crashing? I run 333 bus x 10,5 multi. What should I do?
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  1. What about your PSU? 4870 needs a good PSU...
  2. Is it a Sapphire 4870? - mine was crap until I updated the drivers and altered my profiles to keep the voltages set rather than allowing the power management to work.
  3. Yes, actually it is a Saphire. What drivers are you using and how did you stabilize the voltages? The power management doesn't work ( i think) so I use RIVA tuner to underclock and set the fan. Please advice me!! I know for sure it's not overheating cause I check. Also, I played farcry2 (same OC) and never had a problem.

    My PSU is thermatake toughpower 500W. My UPS has a utility that measures the power draw of the PC on the plug. I've checked it and it never reaches 400W so it can't be the PSU, right?
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