Does highend graphics card need for 1280x1024 & DirectX 9.0c gaming?

Hi all,

Just another curious question:

I am currently using Windows XP Pro (ie DirectX 9.0c) for games. My display max resolution is 1280 x 1024.

All the current high end graphics cards really aim for insane high resolution gaming, right?
Also DirectX 10 offers more features, therefore a higher spec of GPU is necessary.

I wonder whether a Nvidia 8600GT is more than enough for DirectX 9 in 1280x1024. Nvidia 9800GT is just over the top, right?
Meanwhile, I will stay with DirectX 9 for quite some time as I have no intention to upgrade to Vista.

Many thanks
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  1. The 8600GT was a decent card when it came out, but its too old to compete, even at that resolution. Get the 9800GT, you will see a major diffrence in newer games compared to the 8600GT.
  2. Mainly visually or performance wise (fps) or both ?

    Many thanks
  3. What CPU? What games?

  4. Intel E6750.

    Fallout 3, Dead Space, COD World at War, GTA 4, Left 4 Dead

    Many thanks
  5. If you are planing to play on 1280x1024 with antialiasing on you're ganna need more than a 9800Gt
    If you want to play the latest game on High or Ultra High res. I thing you should get the ATI 4850 that is a great one for your situation.
    and about the CPU go for e8500

    MB: P35 DS3R FBS:1333 (OC:1600) DDRII 1066 (OC:1200)
    VGA: ATI Radeon HD 4870 512 MB
    CPU: Core 2 Quad Q6600 oc@ 3.3 Cooled with ASUS Tritton79
    RAM: 4x1GB A DATA 1066+ OCed to 1100
    HDD: WD 500 GB 32MB 7200 RPM
    PSU: 500W Amacrox
  6. He doesn't need an E8500, his CPU is fine.
  7. Or if you are on a budget, look at the 9600gt, or maybe an ATI 4670. Not quite as good as the 9800gt, but they are cheaper and should blow away the 8600gt.
  8. my vote goes for a hd4850.
  9. 4850 is awesome for the money....really really cant speak highly enough of it. I picked my overclocked powercolor off eBay for £90 (£133). Thats about $20 more than a 9600GT, and another $20 for a mail in rebate from Newegg.

    Not only will you run the games listed, you will run them well.

    If you cant afford the extra $40 then stick with the 9600GT, it will give you some fun.
  10. 9800GT would be plenty for 1280x1024. The 4830 would be good at that resolution as well. The 4850 would give more life though, but probably not much more.

    Your cpu is fine. I use an e6750 and I'm maxing out every game I have sans Crysis of course. I play at 1680x1050 or 1920x1080 with a 4870, but my CPU isn't keeping me from playing all the new games at high settings.
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