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hey everybody...i'm just wondering what's wrong with my old video card's (gf2mx)fan blew out the other day so i ordered a new video card...after installing the card, I powered up the machine, however i still recieve no signal...the hard drive starts, then just straight running, here's my specs, and thanks for any ideas...

Epox 8kha+ mb
AMD athlon xp 1600+
1x512MB Corsair PC2100
1x256MB Corsair PC2100
geforce4 ti4200 128mb
hercules gametheater xp 6.1 sound
seagate 60gb 7200rpm hdd
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  1. Are you sure you have the card properly seated in the slot.

    AGP slots are notorious for bad connections. Many feel bottomed when in fact they are only half way down. Try removing the card and reinstalling it.

    Otherwise, you may have gotten a defective replacement card (it happens...)

    <b>(</b>It ain't better if it don't work.<b>)</b>
  2. i tried another video card that i know works, and that didn't yield any differnt's not the card, i'm thinkin it's def a problem with the motherboard
  3. I had a problem today where I put an A7S333 into a box with an older tnt card. When I did this the speaker let out a long beep and 3 short beeps.

    I knew the video card worked because I'd just taken it out of a machine where it was working.

    I reseated the card but no luck.

    I then tried another card. No luck.

    I then tried another card. No luck. Yep, a 3rd card.

    Then I tried a 4th card and it came up. I was actually surprised.

    I loaded the OS, loaded drivers, and then shut it down. After this I installed more cards and turned plugged the power in and turned it back on.

    At this point I got 1 long beep and 3 short. I was back to the swapping of cards. Finally, again, it came back up.

    I did clear CMOS during these tries and set bios to start with the AGP card.

    I wasn't sure though about the supported voltages on the motherboard. I then found out how to identify what voltage a board supports by looking at the "key" notches.

    It turns out the motherbard supports both 1.5v and 3.3v. Even so, who knows why it wouldn't boot with the card I was initially trying to install. After getting the board to post I switched back to my initial card and it came up.

    To summarize. I tried 4 cards all 3.3v after clearing the bios. When the 4th board got it to boot I swtiched back to the first board (the one I have to use). After working with windows for a short while I turned off the machine and installed a couple more PCI cards. The board wouldn't post again. I swapped video cards again and finally when it came up I was able to keep it running.

    I can only suspect that since the board has a Universal AGP slot that it was attempting to sense for a 1.5v and since it couldn't find it, it groaned at me.

    The question is: does your motherboard support your AGP card's voltage requirement?
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