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My monitor is my 52" LCD. I sit about 10-12ft away. Wife won't let me have cables stretched across the room. So I am looking for advice regarding Wireless Keyboards and Mice. I already have read a million times that for gaming don't use wireless. If that is your only response please do not post that. Wired is my preference but isn't an option so posting that won't help.

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  1. Tell your wife you are the man of the house, and you will have wires if you want to!! J/K, I don't think my gf would take that to well :(

    But I reccommend that you go to and Shop for a Razer brand mouse(To bad you will not find any that are not for mobile stuff):(

    Try something off of this page

    BlueTooth or just good old RF is the way to go. Just look for one with good ratings and I am sure you will be happy.

    All are wireless, and with 5 buttons, prolly will suit you fine as long as you are not a hardcore gamer. I would say stay away from IR on the wireless stuff.
  2. If I put my foot down I am sure it would be fine, but you gotta pick your battles. And since I am not, at least right now, a hardcore gamer I don't think I would notice a lack of performance.


    1.) If a keyboard or mouse is Bluetooth I am assuming they would come with whatever receiver would be needed. Is that correct?

    2.) Is a mouse/keyboard designed for laptops not as good as those designed for desktops?
  3. 1.) Depends on the device, Make sure you read. You may have to buy an adapter for your PC or something of that nature.

    2.) I cannont say it is true, but it has been my experience that desktop keyboards are better then laptop ones. And IR has a high latency, (time it takes from when you press the key to when you get the letter on the screen) which is why I don't reccommend it.
  4. Here's at least a mouse to help you on your search:

    Logitech G7 Black 6 Buttons Tilt Wheel USB RF Wireless Laser 2000 dpi Mouse - Retail

    Probably the only gaming grade Laser mouse (the rest are optical) worth your money that is wireless. Good luck with the keyboard.
  5. The G7 was on my list of options. I am having a hard time finding a highly recommended Corldess Keyboard.

    Anyone else have any recommendations?
  6. for the keyboard i think the logitech dinovo series is one of the best cordless keyboards although not gaming keyboards, they have great response (2.4ghz).

    but they are VERY expensive though

    if you need something cheaper this one looks good too

    it comes with a mouse, you can try the mouse or use it in another computer

    another option is a xbox controller for pc but i what makes pc so special is the keyboard and the mouse :P
  7. well for what it's worth ,,I have been using wireless rats for a few years now and I have no complaints,my present rat is a logitech mx610,I previously had a logitech speaker phone keyboard and rat,found the keys a little small so, I replaced it with an ideazon merc stealth kbd, planning on getting the logitech mx1100 rat in the new year as I really would rather haver a big rat as opposed to what is presently available,one of the things that bugged me about the wireless kbd was that there was no lights for the caps lock etc,this might cause some people to emit some four letter technical terms,especially after typing a few pages and then finding out that you had no caps,,,:) :)
  8. +1 to G7 mouse...had a play and it doesnt compare to my G5 ofc but its not really hugely noticable.

    Just make sure you have some batteries close by at all times :p
    This looks to be a good value keyboard if you dont want to spend a fortune on useless features. Gets very good reviews.
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