FS: 2x XFX Radeon 5770 Xfire

Hey guys i just got an awesome deal on an upgrade and im planning on selling my XFX Radeon 5770 cards.

I have two of these cards. One of them is the original external exhaust fan and the second is the egg shaped fan. No overclocking has ever been done, i dont even attempt to mess with that stuff when it comes to video cards.

Both come with boxes and original materials and are about 6 months old.

uber performance that doesnt burn a hole in your pocket!:eek:
$250 shipped!



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  1. bumpertonez
  2. bumpz
  3. Probably not going to get a lot of interest at that price -- XFX is a great brand but the pricing on the 5770s has been coming down - Newegg had a Sapphire card the other day new for $113 after $15 MIR with a free game included (there is a thread about it in the Graphics card forum!) and the XFX models are only $145 after MIR including shipping so only $15 more than you are asking for.

    Also have you registered the cards with XFX so that the warranty is intact if sold (the double lifetime warranty would pass to the new purchaser if you registered them but will not if you didn't so you might want to specify if it will have the warranty or not)
  4. The sapphire was a 24 hour deal + a discount code + a MIR (which most forget to turn in anyways).

    Price lowered, this is lower than most 5770s ive seen used for sale.
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