MGS 4 on PC confirmed by Tom's Hardware?

Has there been an article on TH stating MGS 4 will be made for PC/Xbox360 sometime recently? I'd love to see this game on PC; it's one of the only games I play on a console for.
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  1. I doubt that MGS4 wont be making its way onto PC any time soon... I say this because of the shear size of the game. It was meant to have filled up an entire Dual Layer Blu Ray Disc, which is like 50GB or so.

    At this point in time, the standard for PC hardware configurations will contain drives that play Dual Layer DVD's & I believe that it will be a while before Blu-Ray Drives become standard in any PC Setup, so its just not financially viable for them to Port a PC Version since the market just isnt there yet.

    Naturally, PC's could handle this game quite well but for the time being, games will be stuck on Dual Layer DVD's because thats the medium that most people use right now.

    But Im not going to rule it out for the future entirely, maybe if they come up with some super pimping compression techniques they could fit it onto a couple of discs. Personally, I dont really see much of a need for it to come onto the PC though, I wouldnt really enjoy playing it on my PC very much.
  2. If they're not going to put it on the 360, there's no way they're going to bother putting it on the PC. They can make it multiple DVDs for install on the PC, but they won't bother because the game won't sell very well on the platform. I don't think it's going to the 360, but it's certainly more likely than the PC and it could happen next year. Also, MGS4 actually only used about 33GB of the dual layer Blu-ray, as was confirmed by a site that the disc out with a Blu-ray drive in Linux.
  3. Quote:
    Was it just that it had a ton of cut scenes or something that caused such high usage? I seem to remember someone posting it had a fair few of them.
    All but 1 or 2 cut scenes are rendered with the in-game engine, but the game does us uncompressed 7.1 audio which takes up quite a bit of space. The textures are usually pretty high resolution, but nothing that unusual. My guess is that a lot of it is the uncompressed audio some of the textures might be uncompressed but I don't know for sure.
  4. Quote:
    The audio will be responsible most likely, using that for a game is an odd choice really, how many people have the setups to use it?
    Not many I imagine, but the ones who do often say MGS4 is the best sounding game ever.
  5. I've read Konami is looking into a port for the 360. The first two games made it to PC a year or two after the PS releases. I say it's a possibility but probably not for a while. Money wise they'll port it to 360 if anything, but a PC version would obviously be better.
  6. 50gb for one game?!

    Even my UT04 folder aint that big and i must have every patch, user mod and map ever created......and thats a lot!
    Just shy of 30gb last i checked.
  7. I don't think MSG4 will make it to a PC anytime soon, if ever.
  8. pr2thej said:
    50gb for one game?!

    Even my UT04 folder aint that big and i must have every patch, user mod and map ever created......and thats a lot!
    Just shy of 30gb last i checked.
    It's actually about 33.2GB if you take a look at the disc on a PC, but still it is quite large. The game has hours and hours of dialog, and the audio is supposed to be uncompressed. Even if it's not truly uncompressed it is extremely high quality 7.1 Dolby True HD. The textures and other graphical assets are generally above average as well, but who knows how efficiently they are really using all of that space.
  9. Theres probably a file of nudie shots of the Devs stored somewhere for a dedicated hacker to find. A big file.
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