I was really impressed with this article ... seems to be quite a lot of innovative ways to improve the US economy coming forward now.

I surfed around the site a bit too.

Check the poll results.
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  1. What they didn't really note is the mass exodus from Detroit. 20 years ago, 8 million people strong. Today, 700,00 and shrinking. Many of these offenders left Detroit and went south where they still have roots from previous generations.

    I used to live 45 minutes south of Detroit. I have since relocated to the south. What are the papers talking about? The new flood of crime from recent people moving down from the north. Northerns stand out quickly and have a completely different mentality than the people here. Where I live now, the crime in the city over the duration of a year is the same amount of crime in a month in the city I came from. The cities are close to the same size too.
  2. Detroit would be an ideal place to reassert the manufacturing base the US once had.

    Say the new electric motors that are going to be produced for the electric cars ... composite materials for all sorts of things.

    The US Govt should encourage and subsidise small to medium busonesses to setup in such demographically depressed regions where the labour force is keen ... and the teach level to fabricate easily learned.

    Invest in trg.
  3. While I essentially agree, Detroit's downfall is that they did not adapt to the changes. The UAW employed so many people in the area which built up a lot of the middle class. The requirement to join the UAW and make $25/hour starting in the 90s working on the assembly line was a GED. If you had that, you were in. Well, those jobs now pay $14/hr starting and a lot of the supporting companies went under or streamlined their process to employ less, create less waste, and be more efficient.

    There are still some really good jobs in Detroit and nice areas to live. Many of the suburbs are really nice and are doing well. To scale Detroit though, you have to realize the city limits of Detroit are larger than NYC and two other major cities. I think it was DC, NYC, and Boston combined are around the same size as what Detroit once was. When we have 10 million people disappear in 20 years... that leaves nothing but a vacuum.
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