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I just recently got out of school and started my first job in the IT field. I'm at a small company and part of a 2-man IT team.

One of our current projects is to look into upgrading our software based firewall (ClearOS free version) for a better hardware one. I was wondering what would be some good options?

Our company has around 120 users that access our network. We have one 10Mbps internet line that comes to our head office, and is then shared with our six other branches. We're hoping to just get one device we put at our head office.

Some of the nicer features we'd like are AD integration, usage reports by user, easy to use interface, spam-filtering, and ability to block specific applications on websites (eg, only chat on Facebook).

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions anyone can provide.
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  1. Talk to specialist !
  2. You're asking for an all in one package to do something that should really be spread across different devices/systems IMO.

    As you say your 10mb connection is shared by the other offices I will assume they are connected to your HO by private circuits or something similar.

    Depending on how your offices are interconnected then at least a Juniper SSG5 more than likely a SSG140 for 120 users if constant concurrent internet access is required

    Trend Micro IWSS or IWSVA for the internet access logging, filtering etc. (Not sure if it can be bought separately though)

    Trend Micro IMSS or IMSVA for your email AV and anti-spam

    Integrating AD into perimeter network devices is not a good idea in my opinion.

    Like das_stig says, this will need somebody who knows what they are doing to set it up.
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