Far Cry 2 16:9 issues on benq t2200hd

I have just bought a Benq t2200hd 16:9 monitor, and it wont even run Far Cry 2 to the menu, screen/keyboard/mouse just freezes up and desktop icons flicker. and have to reboot windows, very frustrating, anyone with similar issues, have tryed the FOV fix but no go.

Connected my old LG 19" flatron and it runs it perfectly, what the????????????????

downloaded latest nvidia driver 180.43, tried the 177 previous to that but no luck.

Cheers. jacoaj.
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  1. I guess that the game checks for best resolution while loading - which can cause this behavior if your graphic card is not strong enough for that resolution.

    try looking for some reviews on your GPU.
  2. I had the same problem, the game would only play on 1080p. But it played on my old computer monitor(1280x1024), So I had to hook up the computer to my 1080p t.v. to play each time until I got a new 1080p samsung syncmaster. Very strange game.
  3. Are you using DVI cable for connecting the CPU to monitor?
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