GeForce 8800 GT Graphics problem

Hi not sure if i am in right forum but this problem is annoying me so much,I am wanting to play games like Medal of Honor Airborne ,Fear Extraction point and Bioshock but am having the same freezing up problem whenever I get about a minute into the game,I have to restart my machine everytime.Has anyone heard of the problem I have all the latest drivers for the video card
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  1. Shouldnt have a prob on that card in the right setup.
    Post specs plx - CPU, RAM, Mobo etc
  2. sounds like underpowered GPU or overheating GPU?
    possibly corrupt install?
    How smooth does it run prior to crashing? does it slow down just before?
  3. i have problems with just those particular games,I can play Stalker no problem and finished Crysis,my cpu is Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00ghz,
    2046 RAM,not sure what Mobo is The game runs smoothly up until that happens when little lines comes on screen and eventually it freezes up,I did get a blue screen message once about nv4_disp.dll page fault in nonpaged area but with latest drivers I am baffled by what is causing this
  4. There are apparantly some issues with running 8800GT on x64 that leads to a requirement to totally remove Nvidia, and then reinstall, cant really see how the files corrupt but this worked for one chap with a similar problem.
    I believe there is a program that does a full removal / clean of Nvidia but i cant recall the name.

    Might also be to do with Pixel Shading, i read this card struggles with it on WoW so try turning that option down a touch....although running Stalker and Crysis says this aint the problem.

    All this isnt from experience, im just using my google powers in my lunch break :p
  5. Yes I have researched this so much,I have never had troubles as much as this one,will try it turning pixels down I have nothing to lose,I heard about nvidia cleaner but also cant remember name
  6. Is your PC even stable? Have you run any stress testing?

    I'd recommend Prime 95, and then take a look at ATI tool to stress the GPU.

    If your PC turns out to be stable, then you can start looking at game specific tweaks.
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