Directx 9 unrecoverable error COD 2

Just built a new system and get the unrecoverable error when starting Call of Duty 2...Intel DG31PR mb,4g Patriot 800mhz ram,Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 cpu KFA Nvidia 8500 GTvideo w 512 MB the game and directx and still get the error...other games run fine...any suggestions welcome...:>)
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  1. Buy the game?

    Just kidding... I'm sure you own a legal copy.
  2. The only other games I tried were very low graphic demanding like Deer Hunter 2 etc and they played well...I went back into dxdiag and upon closer inspection I was disabeling everything instead of runs flawlessly now....guess I was having a senior moment...(50 years old)...:>)
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